Monday, July 25

Bunch of Kids

I DID NOT alter this picture in any way..I promise.
I'm taking it as some sort of prelude to my future children.
And I'm praying.

After I fed calves yesterday I went back down to take a few pictures of them with my phone.
Four of the girls anyway.
I ran out of time trying to get them to act like somebody instead of making faces like the one above.

She is a character.
It's a great visual of their teeth though, don't ya think?
Which reminds me I need to make a dentist appointment.

This one is the quiet one of the bunch.
I like her freckly nose;).

I imagine her to be the shy, well-mannered child.
Unlike the toothy one above who reminds me of the girl in Kindergarten who used to drool on all the toys.
She got really excited.
I always ended up in her group.

This little lady is the beauty.

Like the girl in school who might not have had the perfect figure or wore the trendy clothes..but everyone wanted to know her.
You know the one.
The one who was born with eyeliner on so she never had to apply makeup.
She was just different. And pretty.

She is the youngest.
As well as most mischievous.

She enjoys playing the "I'm not going to eat" game, until you try to take her bucket away.
The she plays the "what are you trying to do? STARVE me?" game.

She also picks up rocks with her mouth (as opposed to her hooves) and puts them in her water.
Maybe they add flavor?
Maybe she likes watching me fish them out?
Or, maybe she wants her water "on the rocks"?

I'll get back to you.

This little fella is a new "acquisition".
As you can see he is not my typical dairy baby.

I got back to work from Church yesterday to a flat tire on the Bobcat.
But that's not the story.
That's just the story of my life.

Anyway, got back from Church, and I got a phone call from a guy telling me there was a calf in our Angus field who was standing by the road lookin "poorly".
Seeing as I can't stand the thought of a calf not eating, I took off and found him.
Standing by the road lookin poorly.
Momma had left him.

I climbed through the fence to grab him and he immediately turned around, went "BAAAAA" and head-butted me in the knee.
Not so poorly after all.

Expecting to find some sad, weak little soul, I didn't bring any twine to tie his legs with.
So I improvised, because I'm a farmer and it's what we do.
I tied his feet with a rubber strap.
That's why he is in the position he is in that picture.

I made him eat last night, therefore he does not love me...yet.
But he will.

***Update on Mercy, the Heat and Chuck***
South Africa is going well...she has called me every day..and I have cried every day.

Chuck is on round 2 of banana pudding, has not come off the couch since Thursday, and is in quite a bit of pain.
The chicken and dumplings have made him happy, however I am going to try some risotto on him later.
I feel like this update is right at home in a post titled "Bunch of Kids".

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