Wednesday, July 20

Stranded on an Island...With Cows

Look at this kid.

And he is leaving me.
For eleven days.
The Heat is going as well.


It will be fine!
I will be fine!

But who will I talk to?
Who will stand there and discuss the kitten antics with me?
No one. That's who!

A South Africa mission trip is their destination and I am SO proud of them!
I mean what a selfless, heartfelt journey!

And they are leaving me.

Leaving me with Tim and Eddie.
Oh, by the way, Tim set his pants on fire WhileHeWasWearingThem the other day.

I haven't even allowed my brain to drift into the realization that now there will be NO buffer between the Boss Man and I...
But maybe he won't need to call me..
Dream on hooker.

I don't answer it anyway..that would be like jumping into a shark tank in a meat-suit.
I just turn red and get all prickly-skinned and watch as it goes to voicemail.
Then I check it..after I check the other SEVENTEEN in front of it.

Pleasant-mood message=I call him back.
Typical-mood message=I call the Heat.
That's how it works.

But you know what? Now I can't call the Heat.
I'm just gonna have to dig out my meat-suit and

Oh good gosh I feel like I am stranded on an island...with cows.
Which wouldn't be so bad if I had a volleyball to talk to but noooo I have a Dutch pyromaniac.

Thanks guys..there better be a South African Hello Kitty keychain in my future.

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