Monday, July 18


If someone were to ask you what your top three priorities are what would you say?

What if they asked you to tell them what others think they are based on your actions, routines, etc..
What now?

Ok now what should your priorites be?

Are all three answers the same?
If they ARE you need a piece of cake stat!!

Mine aren't.

A couple of months ago I listened to a sermon on just this topic..priorities.
Evidently it stuck.
Bravo Pastor Brad;).

He asked the first question and I answered in my head( I rarely even clap in's a noise thing);
My Honey, my family, my work.
(I know that's EXTREMELY sad..but it's honest).

Ok now to the second question..again aswered in my head;
My work, my Honey, my family.
Strikin out all ova the place here...gosh!

Third question;
My FAITH, my family, my honey, (my work, my hair...etc.....).

Yeah I failed that one..psssshhhhh can't believe I forgot Faith..duuuuuhhhh!

But I forgave myself because that's what sets us apart..our ability to forgive.

How would you answer the questions?

My goal is to one day be able to say that I live my life at that intersection where those three questions meet.

Flaws and all.

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