Tuesday, July 26

Good Luck Chuck!

Have you seen that movie "Good Luck Chuck"?
That's not what this post is about but it's a really cute film.
To be honest I often relate it to my Chuck.
As in "Good luck Chuck, you're marrying a dairy farmer".
Or "Good luck Chuck, I saw her at the store and boyeeee did she smell bad".
Maybe it's that sometimes I do this....
And send him a picture of his prized lady:).
Oh well.

This is about my honey and his NEW job!
(I don't say woot in real life but I can here..that's how it works.)

This is what he does now..
He is currently a Sergeant for the Sheriff's Office and is also the K9 handler for Zeny-the bomb dog.
He has other responsibilities there as well but I'm not going to get into them because I would mess them up.
And more than likely offend someone.
That's how it works.

This is his sixteenth year there and he is fixin' to embark on a new journey...
It's pretty scary.
I mean goodbye comfort....hello GPS.

It's great though and he is excited.
He will be working for Norfolk Southern Railroad as an officer, then will become an agent next year.

He will not be on the trains, he will be one of two officers for this territory.
And that's as far as I'm going with that because, once again, I would mess it up.

It's really a great opportunity for him..and us..and our future.
And he is wonderful and very deserving of it.

I mean look at him...
What a guy:).

And I am behind him 100%...and so is Hello Kitty and I can proove it;

Chuck was getting ready for his interview with the railroad and he had one of those leather folders for his resume' and information sitting on the counter...
I don't know how I did it, but I managed to keep HK and the enormous Crayola Orange marker out of the folder!
They tried to wiggle their way in but I envisioned Chuck opening his folder to a HUGE HK sticker inside, and pulling out his Orange Crayola marker instead of a pen...and I sad no, no, no.

I'm so good to him.
Oh the places Hello Kitty will go...

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