Tuesday, June 21

Wimpy Beats the Heat

 If you are like me, let's just hope that's not true, you have recognized that June is dairy month and have made pint upon pint of ice cream...right?
I mean you have been celebrating and supporting your local dairy farmer..right?
Telllll me you have at least eaten some ice cream to combat the heat...............right?

Personally I have made at least two different kinds of ice cream per week ever since I purchased my Cuisinart ice cream maker.  No more of that shakin business for me.
Before I left work yesterday I received two orders..one for the Heat and one for Mercy..and by the time I reached home I had three orders, the last one from Taylor.
I don't mind..I love making things for people!!
So I made the Heat Super DAAAAARK Chocolate with a little Baileys and I may put nuts in it.
Made Mercy his current favorite which is Mocha Mint with Thin Mints stirred in..heaven!
Taylor's request was for Milk Chocolate ice cream with fudge and brownie chunks..no prob!
So far I think Chuck's favorite was the Blackberry with white chocolate bark stirred in..he favors the custard-based ice cream over all else. 

I made some homemade mac and cheese with Gruyere, Gouda and mild cheddar cheeses. I also added sun dried tomatoes and a touch of cayenne to it for flavor..and that.was.dinner.
I spent the rest of the evening churnin out some frozen, delicious, creamy goodness..eating mac and cheese..making breakfast muffins for this week..and talking to Beenie who stopped by.

I don't mind being in the kitchen cooking after a long day in the heat..especially if it's ice cream.  It was a very still-humid day where you just stand there and melt.  I picked a few blackberries and good-night-in-the-mornin did I melt! 
I use that expression a lot..good-night-in-the-mornin..I also use goooood-gosh, geez-o-pete and golly-bum.
None of which make any sort of sense.

The cows and horses get really hot as you can imagine..wait?  What was that?  Horses?
Yep. Horses.
Two to be exact.  Wimpy and Laddy.
They belong to Rebecca or Beenie as I call her..(looong anticlimactic story that would waste 2 minutes of your life)...
They love each other...well Laddy loves Wimpy.  Wimpy is old and really could care less, but Laddy is Wimpy's 'Dupree'..as in "You, Me and Dupree"..I'll give you a minute..
I am going to write about their romance tomorrow..I bet you JustCan'tWait!!

The horses are in the dry cow lot, duh, I mean where else would they be?
Anyway, I was checking my dry cows yesterday and discovered Wimpy's method of beating the heat...

What? I'm just standing here drinkin a little water...

That. Just. Happened.

And... ta da!  We have crop irrigation!!

By the way it took me FOREVER to figure out why there was always water running down through that field....and yes that is an old truck bed being used as a water trough.
Our creativity knows no bounds.

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