Thursday, June 2

3 Generations...and Hinky-Dinky

 When I got up this morning I thought it was gonna be one of those days.  You know the kind.  When you just can't seem to get it together?
For some reason it took me more than .3 seconds to decided what ratty over-washed tank top I was going to wear today...and I kinda panicked.LikeItMatters.
I thought this is it...looks like its gonna be that kind of day..
Sometimes I jump-the-gun a bit.

Then I got to work and saw that I had a new baby!  It happens almost every day but I still love it.  Since it has been ridiculously hot the past week I put my two closest-to-calving cows in the calving barn instead of leaving them outside.  Trust me, they are under enough stress as it is and a heat-wave does them no favors.

They also happen to be a mother and daughter pair of Jerseys due days apart....and guess what? 
The daughter(an '07 model) calved last night and had a girl....
Daaaaaawwww..Isn't she a doll?

These are the 3 ladies..grandma, mother and daughter
I don't know why granny has a single horn..but it gives her character.

There are a few animals who call the farm their home but aren't really considered "ours". 
Hinky-Dinky is one of them. 
Hinky-Dinky is a coyote..with a limp..who lives in the woods adjacent to my dry cow lot...WHERE MY BABIES ARE BORN..
This makes me a tad nervous I will admit..however he has never done anything to make me wanna put an extra hitch in his giddy up.
And if he did I would.

This is him..I took this yesterday..can you see him?

Ok, how bout now?  Better?

Our resident mechanic and knower-of-all, Tim, named him that..he also calls my hominy "harmony" and when he can't think of a name he says "ya know..yookey ma-dookey". 
He's different.
He's Dutch(this means he is from Holland..not Dutchland. Yeah,really, people have asked).
He's Tim.

It's gonna be hot today and I already have 3 million things to do so I'm gonna sssssgit.
Wish me luck that I don't die of heat-exhaustion!
Then again who needs luck when you're wearing Hello Kitty underpants;)

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