Sunday, June 12

Hot, Hot Mess, Come on Rowdy

I think I'm gonna make Sunday "picture day".
Or maybe "pictures taken by my phone day".
That's more accurate. 

If I had one of those "smart phones" the pictures would probably turn out better..but I can't get one unless it bounces.  That's my number one requirement.  Mine bounces. And seeing as this is not Africa, I'm not going to carry my camera around safari-style.

The word for the week was "hot". 
Hot as in 90 degree weather.
Hot as in no rain.
Hot as in my temper.

Two words for the week would be "hot mess".

Three words would be "come on Rowdy"...I discovered that I say these three words more than I say ANY three words during the day. 
I'm all about self-discovery.
I used to sneeze every day at 4pm..OK sometimes 4:05.  True story.  I think it was allergy related but I'm not sure..they probably learned about that in Montessori school.

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took with my phone for the week..oh and I think I figured out the 3 most important things to know when working on a farm. 
I'll probably tell you tomorrow..unless I don't make it til which case please adopt my tomato plants.

Sunrise over the mountains and corn.

Rosie(my twin) enjoying her breakfast.

First time parenting is sometimes scary.



  1. Only the sunset is showing up...

  2. Hmm that's's showing up on mine..


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