Sunday, June 26

Clearing the Ayyyy-uuuur

OK.  Let's get one very important thing straight.  I'm.Not.Pregnant.
And if you think I would choose the internets(I love it when people put an 's' on the sounds so sci-fi) as my platform to reveal such are wrong.  I'm sorry but you just are.

Here I was all amped up to tell you about my day yesterday, or was it the horses, or Chuck? I can't remember now.  But it was information you couldn't live without, trust me.  And here ya'll go thinkin I'm pregnant.  sigh.  Come on now you think I would want to subject someone else, a child, to this level of crazy?!
There now. See? I'm smarter than you think:).

The Heat's not even ready yet.  I'm prepping her for it if you must know.
I drop my dogs off at her house every morning after I feed calves, and pick them up every evening after I feed calves.
It's working out well so far.

She pets them, gives them bones, walks to the mailbox with them, sits by the garden and talks to them..almost like having a kid..right?
I really see no difference other than the fact that leaving them in the basement when she goes places might be frowned upon. And to be honest, the feet-licking thing has me slightly concerned.

I'm evening thinking of her needs in regards to a great baby name.  It needs to be a good strong name.  A name that means something.  A name with some "meat" behind it. 
A single-syllable name.
Those are easier to yell.
That's important because I accept the fact that my kids will more than likely be hard-headed, naked the majority of the time, dirty ALL of the time and constantly in a state of "trouble".
Single-syllable names are also more easily understood when you mouth them exaggeratedly with wide eyes and that "ICantBelieveYouAreDoingThatInFrontOfPeople" look. 

I mean could you imagine yelling "Maximilian don't eat dirt!", "Jedidiah get your finger out of that!",  or "Ocatavia put.your.clothes.back.on!".

I'm really doing her a favor.  You'reVeryWelcome.

Who am I kidding right?  We are in the South.  There are no single-syllable words.
Everything   consists of at least two syllables.
Like Chuck.  It's Chuuu-uuuuck.
Or mom, Ma-uuuuuuum.
Stop, sta-uuuuup.

Bye, byyyyyyye.

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