Tuesday, June 28


I could scream.

OK maybe not scream..just sigh .  A really really long and desperate one.
Melvin is leaving...the only one who I can communicate with.

He is leaving on Sunday and I am in a deep depression.

Another guy, Manuel, is replacing him and my fingers are crossed..which makes breeding difficult by the way.

Change.  I don't like change.  I don't do well with change.
I am a structured person..right down to the core.  I can prove it.
The following may scare you;
I wake up at 5:15am, drink 1 litre of water
Get ready, make my oatmeal and get my coffee together.
I leave the apt by 5:35.
Eat on the way to work.
Get to work by 5:45.
Feed calves, drop dogs off, come up to my office.
Drink another litre plus coffee while I do this.
Bring up fresh cows, check sick cows at 8am.

That is my morning routine..EVERY.DAY.
Whatever happens after 8am is a variation of the same thing, basically.

So am I hopeless?

More than likely.
But I'm not gonna dwell.

No, I'm gonna take my depressed, hopeless rear out and hope for the best.
Cuz that's all I have..hope and Spanish for Dummies.


  1. If there is one thing I have learned about change, it's that the aspects you dread the most are typically the ones that change for the better.

    That's about it for me and optimism....

    How in the he'll does one eat oatmeal and drive?!....

  2. You're right. Somewhere in the back of my convoluted mind I know this.
    But hey..yay for optimism!

    And I can eat ANYTHING and drive..

    Just don't ask about the Blueberries under my seat;).

  3. I like this site better! Savannah from Tasty Kitchen


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