Wednesday, June 1

I'll Just Stay Right Here

Yesterday we were robbed.
Actually yesterday we discovered that we had been robbed more than likely on Sunday...yeah it's probably because I took the day off.  You're right.  Shame on me.

Whoever the low-life scoundrels were took a hay spear and fork attachment for the Valtra.
Big whoop right? $2500.00 whoop.
Psssshhhhh. we have to worry about that business.
I have already talked to Saigon(Chuck's dad, remember?) about some cameras for a couple of reasons..
1). Security(Duh) and 2). I'm nosey...for reals.
I would love to know what goes on around here when Blanca Diablo has flown the coop.  And in time I will find this out..mark my words.

But you know what gets me about all this?  People are mean!
They are!
And hateful and..mean!

Chuck knows this first-hand and it has also become painfully evident that he knows I.Can't.Handle.The.Truth.
My world is full of animals..they act on instinct they don't conspire.  They don't have ulterior motives..generally speaking. 
I once had a heifer who would seek me out and try to way-lay me..but maybe I'll talk about that in the blind-dog post.

Chuck has to deal with the riff raff of Blount County..and some quality riff raff it is.  Sometimes he mistakenly tells me things that go on..not that he isn't supposed to..he just normally doesn't wanna shatter my glass house.
This is how it goes:
Me:  "Hey honey how is your day going?" (normally a "good" or "bad" is sufficient).
Chuck:  "Ok, just dealing with a dead body call"
Me:  "Oh really, what do you want for supper tonight?"

See.  Oblivious.
On that particular day I realized what he said about 5 hours later.

So I'm fine..really.  I'll just stay here in the land of wildflowers and baby calves.
Can you blame me?
I mean I got to work this morning to find my twin heifer standing..ON HER OWN..and trying to nurse the pole in the barn.
Their names are Rosie and Lamar by the way.

Welcome to my world.

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