Thursday, June 9


Ok let's be real for a minute.
I'm just gonna lay this out there and you do with it what you want.
I sweat. A lot.
Like bunches.
Like on any given DAY I drink between 6 and 8 LITERS of water.
That much sweat.

I feel better now.

That being said it has been in the 90's this week with humidity so bad it feels like you have to cut through it with a knife.  I mean I just stand there and melt.  Sweaty old-man-saggy-bottom jeans.ew.

Ok. Now that I have painted that unforgettable image in your mind I wanna tell you what happened yesterday.DOT DOT DOT.
It was about 4pm and I was perched atop the loader mixing feed for my cows when my load of distillers grain pulled in.  wooohoooo! Trust me, I was scraping the barrel.
PLEASE keep in mind I have nothing...nada..against truck drivers..without them I would not be able to feed my cows well or ship my milk.  God Bless the truck driver. Amen.
These are merely my experiences.

The truck driver got out in typical truck driver garb...shorts, circa 1978 polo and hair that was so shiny that either he had been working on a busted oil line or the A/C wasn't working in the truck.
He strutted sauntered over to me and gave me the most obvious look-over.
Just breathe rachael, just breathe.and smile..just breathe and smile.
He told me he was gonna give me the ticket when he was unloaded...and my response was "I don't care if you stick it in the ground"..yes I have always been eloquent.  I proceeded to load feed.

Now, being a female in this industry does have its advantages...
-You stick out-so when you do something great it's extra great.
-People are always willing to help you-especially when it comes to lifting heavy things
-You're admired for your hard work-because quite a few old men people don't expect it coming from a girl.
-(My personal fav) When you're not wearing work clothes the compliments on how you look seem endless..I could be wearing jean shorts and Chuck would think I was headed to the opera.

There are also disadvantages...
-You stick out-so when you screw up everyone acts like they figured you would at some point.
-People think you can't do anything-Come on there has to be a man in charge....
-You tend to attract the wrong guys..the ones who see you working and think "well gawwleee that's the kind of woman I need..she'll take out the trash..."(I can't even touch that right now because it's SO TRUE).

This guy.  This driver must have looked at me and thought that, underneath the upper-lip sweat and pure disdain coming from my eyes, he had a chance.  The ring around my neck?  Chucky-Cheese prize.
Don't worry, I see me when I look in the mirror..not a supermodel..not a sacred jewel..but really? 

He finished unloading and handed me the ticket saying "here ya go honey" cringe.
Before I even looked at it I knew and threw up a little in my mouth.

He wrote his number on the front.

FYI Chuck and I met at the gym.


  1. Ewwww....I just threw up a little too.

    Oh, and it may also have something to do with you being HOTT (with two T's). ;)

    The best pickup line I ever received was when I guy at the bar looked at the tag in the back of my shirt and said, "That's what I thought...Made In Heaven." Yes, I laughed in his face and congratulated him on the depth of his cheese....

  2. Hmmm, you must hang out in some classy establishments.hehe


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