Wednesday, June 22


I don't feel good.
This is crazy.  I am robust.  I don't get sick.  Chuck gets sick.  It was like 8 degrees this past winter and I didn't get sick..everyone else got the flu..I didn't.  Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh!
Sick or not, I still work..why?  I'll tell you why..because if I don't I get behind, and when I'm behind happiness packs it's stuff up and leaves town.  And they can't do this without me.
Could you imagine?

This not feeling well stuff has kinda thrown off my writing mojo if you will, so I will not be telling you about the two horses and their....relationship (DOT DOT DOT) today.  Instead...
Loooooook! Mamacita calved yesterday morning!!! OOOooooooOOOOOoooo..

Oh Mamacita. 
The matriarch.
The "mother of all".
The only cow I have ever wanted to hit upside the head with a piece of slate  hug.

She had a bull, Maloney..I shall call him.  Only because that's his sires name and my creativity has left me today as well.  Sigh.
I don't feel good.  Did I mention that?

The only reason I have named him is because I am going to keep him, for breeding purposes.  Mamacita, while being a few bricks short of a load, is in fact a great cow!  She is 6 years old and has a lifetime production of 73,000 pounds of milk! 

Yeah, there are bigger and better cows out there but I'm partial to the crazy old lady. 

He will be used as a "clean-up" bull for heifers.  I breed all of them once then turn them out with him and he..ahem..gets the ones I miss....sounds different when you write it.
Oh well.

Yes, one day my friends, little Maloney will have a 'harem' of young ladies who will LOVE him.
No joke.
These bulls are like Elvis..or Brett Michaels..or Optimus Prime...(Yes, I have a crush on a Transformer).
I'm not feeling well, don't judge.

But first he has a lot of growing to do...
and will SOMEONE please get that off of his head?!


  1. Haha! That first picture is gorgeous! And I love the last one...eeeww


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