Saturday, June 11

Deep Fried Labor of Love

Drive by the farm on any given morning around 8:45am and you will more than likely catch Tim, Eddie and I standing by the road talking.
This is our daily meeting of the minds.
We could solve world hunger.
I mean just the other day Tim was telling us how he could be a millionaire if he could figure out how to dig up dead people in the cemetery beside his house and take their fillings, or "sinky-dinky's", without being noticed. 
I'm gonna make my moms into a necklace.
Eddie's thoughts or lack thereof are more  "world changing".  I'd say the government already has his house bugged.  
We were standing there watching a really big plane go over and he looked at me and said..dead.serious..
"you know why the country ain't got no money don't you?" 
me: OhGoodLord "no, why don't we?"
"Cuz those outer space suits cost a million dollars! Why do we even need to go to outer space?"
me: "Ya know, that's a good point!  Why do we need to go to outer space?" ThisShouldBeGood.
"Walkin around on them space stations costs millions..and there ain't even any oil up 'er!"
At this point I have lost so many brain cells I wouldn't have known my name if someone asked.
We are a veritable threat to national security.
My role is to fuel these fires that Tim and Eddie have burning inside them.  I agree, practice my mental eye roll skills, and try not to use words more than 6-letters long.
BUT if I had to pick two guys to be on my team I would pick them..Tim at least..
They have gotten me out of many a pickle around here..Tim with his ability to fix ANYTHING and Eddie with his years of experience..(remember the first plow ever built?  Eddie came with it).
Besides being exactly the same size, the three of us have one other thing in common.
Job security.
We show up.  That's the secret. 
As Eddie says, "ain't no one gonna come do what we do every day and get paid what we get paid".  He's eloquent too.
But it's the truth.
It's a labor of love.
Plus the Pentagon isn't ready for this crew yet.
Speaking of labor of love, ever wonder where the Canola oil that you fry with comes from? 
Not the grocery store.
I took these yesterday because it is again time to combine Canola and it's a process not many people get to the pictures are pretty.

This is not Canola..I just thought it was pretty..

This is the combine in the Canola with Tim driving.

Closer has the grain head on..which is designed for grains with stalks smaller than corn.

Big old hunk of metal..expensive..hunk of metal.
It sucks up the entire Canola plant..stem and all..then separates the seed(where the oil comes from, come on now) from the rest of the plant.

The seed stays in and the rest of the plant is spit out.

Ever see the "pretty yellow" fields of flowers?
This is what they look like after the bloom..ugly huh?

And these teeeny tiiiiny seeds are what we are after. 
Told ya, labor of love.


  1. It would be a TRUE labor of love if you harvested them by hand, you know....heh.

  2. You're, what are you up to for the NEXT TWO MONTHS?


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