Saturday, June 4

Nope.No Superpowers..Yet

I don't know about you all but I am STILL tired from yesterday.  Mucho mucho work-o.
You know you're worn out when you can feel your pulse in your knees..ugh. 

I woke up this morning with two immediate thoughts:
1.) head hurts..
2.) Still no superpowers..
(Yesterday was eventful...)

First thing's noggin..
I came back from 1-hour hiatus from this find that I had a cow that needed to be IV'd.  She had milk-fever and the best way to get the calcium and ABunchOfOtherStuff in her is via IV.  No prob.
I have gotten so good at this I could do it in my sleep.
Did I mention she was a Jersey?  No?  That's important.
Jerseys are like the red-headed step-children of the Bovine world.  They are the sole reason those little hand-held hot-shot things were must be prepared to deal with the most ridiculous situations when you deal with them. 
But rachael that's a little over-kill isn't it?

She kicked me in the head.

I was going to IV her in the neck..she was in a chute..and she kicked me in the head.
Nothing further.

ON to the second thing that I thought upon waking this morning(see #2 above)...
When I told you we were robbed the other day your first thought might have been why didn't they take a tractor instead of a hay spear and fork-lift attachment?
Why?  WHY?  I'll tell you WHY!
Because they would have to be Houdini to get one STARTED around here!
Equipment is expensive..think big big most of ours is old..antique if you will.

To give you an idea of the age I believe a timeline would best describe it..

Beginning of time==Something=Something=My dad was born=Something=First plow was invented=Something=My dad bought the plow AND WE STILL HAVE IT.

I start the flush-pump tractor at 1:30pm.
The sole purpose of this tractor is to run the flush-pump for the NEVER MOVES..just sits and runs..
Or doesn't.
Went to start it yesterday, turned the key..nothin..WiggledSomeStuff..nothin.  No click.  No nothin.
So I called the Dutchman.
Tim told me to get another battery, hook it up and try it.
So I was around 97 degrees out and my internal temp was about 115 degrees..FYI.
Hooked it up. Nothin.

So I got the bright idea to put the charger on the battery cuz..I'm not real sure I just did.
Now normally I will put the positive cable on before the ground then plug it up..but for some reason, that could only be described as a brain burp, I did negative then positive...
ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ POP Sizzzzzzle..

My teeth hurt.
Did I scream?  I screamed.
Did I wet my pants? No. I'm good.

As soon as I picked myself up off the ground the very next thing that ran through my mind was..and I'm not even kidding..
What if I get superpowers now?

(I bet you felt sorry for Chuck just then.)

Seems pretty logical...I'll keep you informed on my progress.

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