Thursday, June 23

Lil' Momma Ain't Happy

Chuck calls me Lil' Momma.  I'm not sure why.

I'm not a mom? 

I  do have a number of baby calves on any given day to care that's probably why.  Technically I am the 'father' of these babies because my left arm is where the "magic" happens.  Fo Sho.

Today..or this morning rather...Lil' Momma is.not.happy.

You would think that by scheduling a truck load of hominy a FULL week in advance you are pretty much guaranteed to have it when you need it.  NotSoMuch.

Was there a hominy emergency?  Did the truck get hijacked?  Because we all know how valuable hominy is.  Currently my cows are eating around 1600 lbs of the stuff  NOT having it gives me more anxiety than when I see my dad's number pop up on my caller ID. (That will literally make my heart beat out of my chest.)

But I can't do anything about it.  And that's the thing with people.  SOOOOOO undependable.  Cows?  They are pretty much gonna do the same thing every day.  If cows were truck drivers they would ALWAYS be on time. 

There was a time before I met Chuck when I thought I would be a lone cow-lady forever.  Just me and my cows.  Cuz I sure as heck was not going to settle or depend on someone.PPPFFFFTTTTT!  Plus my cows are always happy to see me..unless I have a pink sleeve on my arm.  The Love Glove.

Then I met Chuck.  He doesn't mind that I smell like a stockyard at the end of the day.  That's nice.  Not to mention he is possibly the BEST 'food tester' on.the.planet.  I make it?  He WILL eat it...and he always likes it!  At least he says he does.  But ignorance is bliss and I am happy.  He is also the knot at the end of my (very short) rope. 

But currently I am NOT happy and am fixin to give someone a piece of my mind.

As Chuck says, "I sure would hate to be that guy".

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