Sunday, June 19

Addressing the Elephant

Alright so obviously there's an elephant in the the room and I'm just gonna go ahead and address it.
I have no tomatoes.
I have resigned myself to the fact that my tomato plants are in fact some sort of hybrid tomato bush..tomato hedge if you will.
Sure they are now TALLER THAN THE RAIL on my balcony and have bloom upon bloom, but
Not even a green one.
Each time I see Saigon(almost every day) he asks about the "garden" with a chuckle.
I die a little bit.
Okay, so I failed!  Is everyone happy?  Chuck thought yesterday was Monday..does that even matter?!
Might as well carry a sign around my neck that says "bears no fruit"..that's sure to get some attention.
The herbs are doing great. Super. Terrific.
Makes me wanna go eat a big bowl of.....herbs.

On another note the Hondurans hen and rooster have magically reappeared!  And aren't we all disappointed happy!
Now the rooster can stand outside my office door and crow
Vociferous.  That's what he is..I just learned that word and I WILL use it.
I know one thing, that hen must be backed up with some eggs..seeing as she didn't have the bobcat seat to lay them on.  I must now look before I sit. 
Before it was like Easter every day.  There would always be one single egg on the seat of the bobcat each was cool in that "where do I put this thing" kinda way.
I once rescued her from the grips of a toddler-sized raccoon.
Then they both just up and left one day.  The rooster and hen, that is.  Not the raccoon. 
No joke they have been gone for months..and just came back 2 days ago. 
The Heat thought the Hondurans must have eaten them.
She also thinks they ate their dog.  Naturally.
I'll tell you one thing I wish someone would eat a dadgum dog already!
There's this shady-looking house in town and there are always crows on the roof.  So I was talking to the Heat one day and mentioned it..
Me: "..and there are ALWAYS crows on the roof!  Why do you think that is?"
Heat (wide-eyed): "You don't think their cooking dogs do you?" Dead.Serious.
I can't wait to see what the future holds.

One thing is for certain I never doubt my future with Chuck.  Today is Father's Day and I can say that without a doubt he is the best dad I know.  Really really.
He tries..and that's a lot more than I can say for a few other folks.  (I shall leave that elephant unaddressed).
We were gonna go see a movie last night and missed a LONG we stopped by the arcade... you know what?  I'm just gonna let that image sink in for a minute...
So at the arcade Chuck spots the "Police911" game...and decided to play it. 
I feel like he plays this every day..I searched high and low for the "Farm" game and came up empty-handed.
So I watched and so did about a dozen little boys with their mouths open. 
Maybe it was because the game had motion sensors so when playing it you actually had to "duck and hide" to keep from getting "hit", or it could have been that he held the gun so life-like that he really did look like he was gonna go shoot someone.
Whatever the case I noticed that he shot quite a few "bystanders"...

You don't EVEN understand how much this picture is worth to me!
Like the calf in the feed can't put a price on that.

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