Thursday, June 16

Bless His Heart

How do YOU determine when it's time to do some personal upkeep such as taking a trip to the salon?
For me it's when some ragamuffin truck driver leaves me his number. Seriously.
I call 911..or the salon and schedule an appointment for an obviously MUCH needed touch-up.

I try not to leave the dairy for extended periods of time..because we ALL know they can't do this without I schedule these appointments late in the evening.  I had a much needed massage Tuesday and hair color yesterday..and I feel like a new woman.

I know the cows could care less what I look like as long as I feed them and keep temptations, like 2ft gates, hidden.  THAT is exactly what causes me to go 9..NINE..weeks between hair appointments.  I simply forget, and Chuck, bless his heart, wouldn't say one word about it.  However he did go and pay for my massage as a surprise:) awwwwww...I know.

I especially don't like being gone if it looks like a storm is coming.  That's a quirk I have.  Deep down I believe that if I am here and a natural disaster strikes I will be able to help my cows.  Plus I am not exactly sure that my superpowers haven't yet "arrived".  They could be weather-related.  You don't know.  Maybe in a really stressful situation I could lift ten thousand pounds!? 


Yesterday it looked like a gully-washer was about to hit right before I had to leave....

So I went down and fed baby calves realfast and took some pictures of my "old faithfuls" for your viewing pleasure.
Some days there will be 24 cats, and some days there will be just these ladies.  They are my old faithfuls and they know that the milk lady will feed them twice a day if they show up. 
I'm a real hard-butt I know.
When it's cold out they will meet me at the top of the driveway and walk down with me to the barn.
Drives Rowdy crazy.

They have started bringin the younguns around with them...
This is the Asian-inspired mother of is convinced I am a monster..therefore gets no picture.

This is Francine.

She and one of her siblings have their very own milk cup.

While the mothers drink out of a different dish..
..yeah yeah I know its a bucket-lid.  That is the ONLY thing the dogs won't carry off.  Don't judge me.

The other sibling, who thinks I'm a monster, braves the bucket-lid.
I don't know what they talk about around that lid but sometimes while I'm mixing milk for my calves I will hear a hiss and when I look out there is not left.  Like a ghost town. 

Oh and this heifer was born on Tuesday and look at her eyes...
OOOoooooOOOOooo creepy huh?
I think she has superpowers too.

Remember that calf I rescued from her gluttonous doom?  Just to show you she is OK....

and I'm pretty sure that cheeky Jersey was aiming that look at me.

After everyone was fed I said goodbye to Francine and black cat..

...and smiled to myself as I walked to the dairy barn.  Then I remembered EXACTLY why the kittens are my favorite.

No respect.

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