Wednesday, June 29

A Little Red Around the Edges

I graduated from a private school, I don't love pink..but can't help that it loves me, and I scream when a bug lands on me.
But I could still kick some tail.
Try me.

That's right I'm a lean mean Hello-Kitty Silly Band-wearin' machine and you don't want any of this business.

Actually I'm pretty soft-hearted.  I cry often..especially during virtually ANY animal movie, thanks mom.  There are really only two ways..maybe really get a rise out of me:
1.) Abuse..even animals.
2.) Question my work ethic
3.) Ask me who the "guy" in charge is...DOT DOT DOT

Boy that last one really gets me fired up.
Considering we are in the heart of 'redneck' country I get fired up about once a week...poor Chuck.
A guy, punk really, walked into MY barn yesterday and asked ME if there was a GUY he could speak to.
Golly mister all the men-folk are out doing hard work and left us women-folk here to wash clothes and tend the younguns..... 

Maybe he could sense the hostility growing....or maybe it was how my tank top accentuated my sculpted noodle-like ten inch bicepts..regardless after he asked he literally took a step back.
I don't blame him..and he won't be back.

I tell you what this mouth of mine is about the only thing that could get me in trouble.  I don't know if it's that I don't talk to many people during the day, or it could be that I need to get out into the "real world"..but my level of tolerance is nonexistent.

People can be so dumb.  I can be so dumb.  But NEVER as dumb as some people.  Though I have been pretty dumb before.  I'll never be as dumb as some people.

I'm not a "people-hater" I just don't have much use for most of them...

A couple of weeks back, when the heifers decided to go on a "trip" and were running down the middle of the road, we were out herding them back in and I could hear a vehicle coming.  This "vehicle" could be heard a mile was that loud.  Mufflers are just suggestions here.
Anyway, I was afraid this crazy-loud thing was gonna round the corner and waylay my girls before it had time to stop..but I couldn't do anything but pray..
Then it got closer and all I heard were tires skidding on asphalt..luckily they were able to get stopped to a reasonable speed..and they missed the heifers.
But as they were creeping by me..the two jackwagon teenagers in the pickup realized that I was a female..and since their window was down the whistle came out loud and clear.
So as they passed I smiled reeeaaaalll big and said "hey why don't you go faster next time pumpkin?"...
They probably hit 75 mph 2 minutes after they passed me...

Just a little red...around the edges...

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