Monday, June 6

Patience is a Virtue

If someone asks you what patience looks like would you be able to tell them?
I would.
And here she is...

Her name is Rowdy but I should have named her Patience.
Probably woulda come out ahead if I had.
Hindsight. Pffffft. 

Then again she has lots of names..Rowdy-Roo, Roozie-Dooz, Roozer, Dingie, but most often just Rowdy.   But you won't get it right unless you say it with your teeth clenched.  And trust me, you will want to.

I have never been considered especially patient..I do well to sit and eat a meal.
Multitasker I tell ya.
But I am learning and this little jewel of a dog is my teacher.

Roozie was not born blind..she just got that way after a tragic fall 3 years ago.
Pre-disability she was mean, no-nonsense, "please-say-sgitttem"...mean.
Just like me.TrueStory.
She is a true cattle-dog at heart and if she even hears "ssss.." she is out for the first nose, hoof, or now blade of grass she can find(or run into).
No weed stands a chance with Dingie on the loose.

Sometimes I feel sorry for her..I really do. 
She has run into EVERYTHING. 
But..and this is when I know The Big Man is smiling..she still chases cats and tries to bite them.
We used to fuss at her. 
Then it occurred to me...
If the cats..who can all SEE her coming..allow her to catch them then I believe they deserve it.  Don't you?

After the fall I did have her on a leash..but she really didn't like that and seeing as she would follow me to the ends of the earth if I asked, I let her run free into whatever tickles her fancy.
She's 7 so she spends the days lying where it's cool and barking at my mom.
The Heat LOVES Roozie and Roozie LOVES licking the Heat's feet.

This is where the teeth-grinding comes into play.
I don't know why she has to bark..I'm standing right there..she knows this..yet she barks..and barks..
..and barks..
..and the more she barks the more that if-I-open-my-mouth-I-will-explode feeling wells up inside me.
Patience.  Remember?

Rowdy-Roo and I have had some great times though.
She used to come to school with me when I was in college..the only problem with that was that she is one of those dogs who only hears nature's call when she is standing on tile..or in the middle of the road...

I have stopped many a car by standing -in the road- beside my blind dog who is doing her business.
I'd catch a grenade for you little girl.

One time she pooped an eyeball. 
True story.
That's how we figured out what was happening to all the Christmas ornaments.
Good times.

Roozie-Dooz was meant for me.

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