Friday, June 24

I'm Expecting...

Excitement.  Nervousness.  Doubt.  Anticipation. 
Will I be a good mom?
Will I raise him right?
Will he be sensitive but still have a thick skin, will he be healthy?

So many questions so little time.
I found out yesterday that yes, I am going to be a mom!  I know, I know it's sudden...but it just feels right.
I chose my blog to reveal this information since we all now how wildly popular it is...chrip chirp chirp..
Some of you may look down on me for doing so, and to those who do I am sorry you feel this way. 
I tried so hard for so long and I will not let this moment be ruined.

I can honestly say I am still in shock..and if he is the only one I have that will be just fine!  I am satisfied.
You're probably wondering how I already know the's just a feeling I have.

I already have a name for him as well!

It's Tommy...




  1. Wrong. Soooooo wrooooooong. I was. *this close* to doing the 'mysery loves company' happy dance....

  2. Bwaahahahaha! I almost snorted coffee out of my nose!

  3. Congrats!! I am really excited for you and it will be so fun for your baby & Jackson; cousins the same age! Plus, growing up on/around a farm seems like such a wonderful experience! Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

  4. waaaaiiittttt a hot minute. Um, i must comment before ANYONE gets any idears...I'm not pregnant. Unless you consider a tomato a baby.

  5. LOL, yeah after rereading this I see how I read into it a bit. I have definitely seen more unusual pregnancy announcements, though. :o) Enjoy your new tomato.


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