Saturday, March 3

Goodness Gracious

Goodness gracious do we have a lot to do!

Don't act like you've never met me before..pull your big kid britches up and let's go!

We have exactly one week until we leave for some weddin' down in Flo-rida, and all you wanna do is bake!
OK, you're right. 
You're absolutely right, all I wanna do is bake..

It calms me.
But I'll stop...until we return.

I made 40 of these little pink pretties for a baby shower thrown by my friend Paige...

They are chocolate, with toasted marshmallow buttercream on the inside and pink vanilla buttercream on top!
...and sanding sugar...and sprinkles..

I love love love making things.
But I'm going to stop...I heard ya already!

Let's talk about something about that tornado yesterday?!
We got a lot of wind and rain, but no damage...we are very lucky.

I have spent the morning pulling feed-crispies out of my eyes, as a result from loading feed in the "wind-tunnel" that was yesterday.
You should have seen the cloud of hominy, mineral, distillers, etc come out of my hair when I took it down last night!
-Could have fed a zoo.

By the way, for anyone who was concerned about my milk drop..I have recovered all but 500 lbs of it.
Which is good.
That means my cows are getting what they need out of their feed, resulting in my sanity returning more milk production.
This is a good thing, now I can think about other things that I need to do.

...Like get ready to leave town for a week.

OH! NotToMention, we are now officially under contract on a house!!!

So, if I seem a bit "off" or "someplace else" then it's because I am overwhelmed with things right now.

-I have to get my cows straightened out before I leave..
-Have to stock up on supplies, medicine, etc...
-Need to go to Hobby Lobby so I can wander around aimlessly for an hour before I remember that I did not go there for yard ornaments...
-Put name tags on the flowers for the seating at the reception...
-Get ties for the groomsmen...
-Nail down the menu for the reception...

OH...and thinkAboutMovingWhenWeReturn.

Baking a cake would be so much easier...



  1. At the end of the day, you just have to be married... Everything else will fall into place.


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