Monday, March 19

Mrs. CowLady

On wacation I bunned my bottom still huwts.
Chuck wooks at me and says, "awwww...".
It's ok..cuz it huwts.

So I'm back at work!  Woot!

Did you miss me?
I missed you.
And my cows.
And the stars over the farm.
And the smells.
And the sound of the vacuum pump running during milking time.
...But I had fun!

I wish the "professional" pictures were done so that I could show them to you!
..I can't help it...I blame the I-need-it-now society that we live in.
..and the pot of coffee I drank this morning.

Did you know that I get up early?
Like..crazy-people early?
I do.
I forgot.

But here I am!
With a hyphenated last name!

The wedding was perfect.
It really was.
And I remember quite a bit of it to boot!

I took the advice from a couple of friends and stopped to take mental pictures of moments.
Unforgettable moments....

After I put my dress on and was sitting on the front porch bench of Malindas cottage, having pictures made...The Heat walked around the corner, talking to Malinda, turned her head and saw me, clasped her hands together and said, "Oh Rachael! You're gonna make me cry".
That was special.

BossMan and I sitting on that very same bench, waiting on our cue to leave for the ceremony...he looks at me(in his blue and white seersucker suit) and says, "I'm not in a hurry sister.".
Lump in my throat.

Riding through the town of Seaside, in a golf cart with an 'Almost Married' sign on the back..people waving and shouting "congratulations!".
Pretty neat.

Staying tucked away so that my groom didn't see me, and trying to talk about the weather..without breathing..
That was hard.  Minnie Mouse on helium..."Pretty day!!!". On dads arm, while we walked between the sand dunes, and tried not to fall in the sand.
I got halfway down and saw handsome!  In his linen suit, with his bright blue and pink cow tie.
I had to look down the whole way, because my face was shaking so badly when I smiled.

Holding Chuck's hands during the ceremony, with a the-Titanic-is-sinking death grip.
His fingers turned white.

Chuck saying his vows...I have never heard anything more meaningful.

Trying not to cry while saying mine...and failing miserably.
I gave the preacher a "just a sec" look while trying to holdittogether!
Nothing. Can prepare you for that moment.

Trying to drag my husband down the aisle, before they introduced us.
The spotlight can be scary.

BossMan giving his toast.
It was a moment.  Unexpected to say the least.
There are no words to describe how much it meant to me, or how surprised I was.
He keeps me honest.

Caden telling me he loved me after the ceremony.
That one gets me every time.

The only song I remember hearing, which was played by acoustic guitar, while I walked down the aisle... "Without You" by Keith Urban.

The overall feeling you get at that moment when the world stops, everyone you love is there, and you cannot help but feel embraced by God, because the steps you are taking are the first in the chapter of your new life.

I almost forgot!

I did this...

It was a huge undertaking.
Meet Operation: Chuck'sGettingASurpriseHorse.
(We call him "Gus").

What can I say?

It was the best wedding gift I could come up with.
Besides, who wants to read a book without a little excitement?

This life, this love that you and I've been dreaming of for so long/
Would all be as good as gone, without you...



  1. Congratulations, mymarriedcowherdingcousin. It was all so very beautiful and I feel blessed to have been a part of it.


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