Wednesday, March 21

And On The Second Day...

Chuck and Gus had a "meeting". 

Let me tell you a bit about Sir Gus-gus....
He has never HAD to do anything.

That pretty much sums it up.

But we got this...Chuck gots this.

Beenie and I looked at Gus initially and had an idea that his previous owners hadn't really done much with him, as far as riding goes.

We picked up on this when they told us..."we don't do a lot with him because he is too much for us to handle...".
We're quick.

This is no problem fact I look at it as more of a plus for Chuck.
I really feel like they can learn together....

Even though Chuck always said, "shoooootttt I can ride a horse!  I know what I'm doing!", I had my reservations and signed them both up for their lessons out of intuition.

So yesterday was the second session...and it was very unlike the first.

Chuck went out to the field to get Gus just as he had the first day.

Since it was Tuesday, and horses obviously take Tuesdays off...Gus ran the other way...

After some chasing and threatening my husband climbed on the fence and jumped on Gus' back as he ran by...
I kid.

Actually, after some chasing and finally a bucket of I'm-giving-in feed, Chuck caught Gus and brought him in.
I like cows.

He then groomed Gus in preparation for his ride.

I sat here on the cow-people bench...

See my foot on the right?

And tried to ignore Knox....

Who was busy  waiting on me to throw the ball...again...

So I did and he left, cuz I threw it hard.
I can't help that my biceps are enormous...

I took this one for purely scientific reasons.

Because you didn't know horses could stand on three feet...

They headed out into the arena, with the trainers Jocelyn and Brandon.

Being that it was Tuesday, Gus informed Chuck that he was a different horse from the day before...
...and I took pictures.

Because that's what supportive wives do when they purchase wild Mustangs for their non-equestrian husbands.

The trainers suggested that, instead of Chuck and Gus getting into a disagreement, Brandon should hop on and suggest to Gus that he ACT LIKE SOMEBODY.

Sorry I yelled. 
I like cows.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the camper up there, napping and doing my nails...

Did you notice how my honey represents via his t-shirt?
I love him.

Sometimes he even shaves.

I caught him playing with his ring last night and swatted his hand.
True story.

Then I told him if he lost it to not come home....
Hahahahahaha....I meant it...hahahahahahaha....

Anyway, when Brandon was done riding, Chuck resumed the saddle and finished out the lesson.

In a way I'm glad Gus made it harder the second day...that way they both know who is in charge.

One thing that makes Chuck special, is he wants to know how to do everything the right shortcuts.
If you show him once, he will remember forever.
He's good like that.

I'm fairly certain I can't remember how to ride a bicycle.

This is on the wall in the horse barn...

I love it because it is concise.

Life isn't about winning or's about getting better.

Have a great day!!


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