Friday, March 9

What I Love About Cows

Hey! Guess what?

Yesterday was National Ag. Day!
..Like agriculture...
..Like big fields of corn, windrows of hay, udders full of milk...
Did you celebrate?
Celebrate! You know, throw a party?  Toast to "Agriculture!"??
...Did you eat?
Then you celebrated!  I appreciate that.

You know what I love about cows?
Every goll-darned thing.
Fo sho.

Their wet, slimy, feed-covered noses.

How if you're standing in front of them when they eat, they cough and blow feed all over you.

How soft the skin on their neck is, especially when they bend it and it wrinkles...

The way their legs are covered in clay mud after you let them play outside for the day...


If there's mud to be found, rest assured they will find it.

How freaked out they get when you get into their pen, only to turn around ten minutes later and try to eat your hair...

The raucous fights they have using their heads as weapons..

Ever been hit by one of those things?
Picture a Mini Cooper head-butting you.

How innocent and sweet they are as calves..

..With no sense of direction.

Their eyes..

Their big, beautiful bodies that make them seem untouchable...

When really they are some of the most unassuming creatures you will ever meet.

I love cows:).

Thanks for supporting agriculture!

FulfilledCow Lady

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