Wednesday, March 28


Yesterday evening my 3 younger siblings and I loaded up and headed to New Market, to attend a receiving of friends for one of our family members who recently passed.

The Heat and BossMan are currently in Florida, so it was just us kids...minus Malinda who isn't exactly close by.
Beenie, Mercy and Taylor swung by the apartment and picked me up en route. 

This wasn't what you would call a happy occasion, but unlike many receiving of friends I have been to that were solemn and filled with tears of sorrow, this one was more of a celebration of a life well-lived.

Yes there were tears, and heavy hearts, but the overwhelming feeling of His presence was unmistakable.

After we left, the kids and I were headed home and I hit that "record" know the one you use when you are soaking up a situation that you don't want to forget...

Beenie was the chauffeur, I was riding shotgun..oohing and aahing at all of the "new things" that had been built since I had been out in the "real world", and Mercy and Taylor sat in the back asfarawayfromeachotheraspossible.

Beenie: "I feel like mom, driving you all around..."
Me(singing just like Carrie Underwood): "Whhhyyyyyyy...why you gotta be so bliiiiiiiind...won't you open up your eyyyyyyyeeeeeees....."
Mercy: "You act like mom."
Me(hitting my vocal stride): "...He's no good girl!  Why can't you see? somethinsomethinsomethin....whyyyyyyyyyyy....why you gotta be so bliiiiiiiiiiind....won't you open up your eyyyyyyyeeeeesssssss....".
Taylor: "Who's picking us up from school tomorrow?"
Beenie(shooting laser beams from her eyes at Taylor, via the rear view mirra): "I.Am."
Me(always helpful, leaning towards the window to avoid the heat from the beams): "IThinkBeenieIs."
Mercy: "I have practice."

Ten minutes go by....

Beenie: "So...WHO is picking you up from school tomorrow TAYLOR?????"
Taylor: Blank stare.....
We all hold our breath........

Beenie:".....................I AM!!!!!"

Me: "Hey...did I tell you all about the guy at the coconut stand who gave me frostbite??"

We ended the evening with a trip to the steakhouse and a vivid account of the time Beenie put a nail-bed fragment in her change-purse...for safe-keeping.

I hope we never change.

God bless family.


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