Sunday, March 25

Finding Luck

Today is my favorite day of the week...Sunday!
I am so looking forward to going to church and getting back into the swing of things.
You know you have found "your" church when you miss it while you're out of town.

I believe spring has officially sprung around here, along with my allergies...ugh.
But spring means things are getting green and we are gearing up to start chopping rye in a couple of weeks.
Lots to do!

This past week I made a discovery of sorts...
You see I used to, meaning prior to January, find four-leaf clovers ALL the time.
We're talkin' a shamrock-a-day.
Lucky me, right?!
However, here lately I haven't seen any at all.

I was thinking about this on Monday as I walked to the horse farm to see Chuck and Gus.
Am I not lucky anymore?
Did I reach my quota?
Maybe this is a sign...
All kinds of things were going through my head.

I got a little discouraged and tried to push the negative thoughts out of my mind.

When Chuck was leading Gus back to the field, I got a phone call and decided to just stop talk to my friend instead of following my guys.

When I got off the phone I looked down and realized I was standing in the middle of a big clover patch.
Deciding to test my previous hypotheses, I bent down and started looking for a 4-leaf cover.
I found one!

I promptly gave it to Chuck and looked down only to find another.

My luck hadn't run out!

For the past 6 days I have found at least one lucky clover a day....I've got my groove back!

After finding one yesterday afternoon, it occurred to me that luck has nothing to do with it.
All I had to do was start looking.

In a lot of ways I can relate this to life. (Don'tGetScared).
I think too often we just stand still and "let" life "happen" to us.
We don't grab the bull by the horns and make a difference.

I had been allowing life to happen around me instead of being part of it.
I couldn't expect great things to just happen, no matter how strong my foundation.

I know people who complain about everything yet they don't do anything to change their situation.
Why not?
Why accept the things you don't like, when you can change them?

Why make excuses for complacency?

I watch that show "Tabatha Takes Over" on Bravo in the evenings when I have time, and the overall reason she "takes over" a business is because the owners/managers have grown to be complacent therefore business is suffering.
Bottom line.

Personally, it is my fault if my business is not at the level I want it to be. End of story.
I can't blame anyone but myself.
I just have to try harder.

As for me personally, if I fall short of being the person I want to be, I just try harder.

I'm not preaching to you, just sharing my thoughts from the week.

I ran across a quote that has been stuck in my mind and randomly pops up at the most fitting times...

Choose a place to stand, and move the world

Is your foundation strong enough to hold you up?
Keep your eyes open, the nearest four-leaf clover might be under your feet.



  1. I have never found a four-leaf clover. Then again, I don't believe in 'luck'...

  2. I need you to send me all of them that you can spare babe.

  3. found one last year and it is still in my wallet. I carry it everywhere.. Linda


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