Tuesday, March 6

Ellies Birthday, and Judging Books ..

 Remember Beenie's dog Smellie?

 It's her birthday!!

Happy birthday Ellie May!!!
What a dog.

Speaking of flowers..

...are you finished with yours???

Just wondering, because InCaseYouDidn'tKnow we are 7 DAYS AWAY!!!
Can I get an Amen?

Thank goodness, she will stop talking about it soon!
Yes, I will.

ACTually I will rightnow.

Would you like to know an up-side to being a bovine representative?
(That's my technical name.)
(Not really.)
(Don't believe me.)

One of the up-sides, because there are SO many, is how you look after work.
You know, feed and other things in your hair, manure/blood/mud stains on your jeans, holes in your jeans holes in your shirts from getting caught on barbed wire fences, the "tired" face, and let's not forget the SMELL.

Eu de Bovine.

(Still beats the zoo smell, yuck.)

If you are a bovine representative like me, or perhaps an equine rep, then you also know that after work the last thing you want to do is go home, shower and get gussied up before running errands.

When this gal goes to the house, she doesn't want to leave...remember that.

Therefore, places that I frequent have come to know me and what I do...
Oh, there's Rachael...she's a farmer or something...
That girl comes in here every week and looks like she sleeps in a barn...

Some of the grocery store cashiers think I work at the Co-op, even though I have told them a hundred times that I do not.

Sure, I get looks when I go grocery shopping after an entire day of business meetings, but I have come to ignore them.
Perusing the meat selection with manure on your jeans makes some kind of statement...trust me.

Believe me when I tell you that the looks I received the past 2 times I have gone by the mall after work, take the cake.

You know, I am sort of waist deep in this planning stuff and there are still things I need to get..like neckties.
So...I stopped by the mall yesterday to grab a tie.
Instead I grabbed a lot of attention.

Evidently one needs to dress up when they go to the local mall, where the only thing keeping the entire place in business is the Chick-fil-A.
Yes, they do have a brand new movie theater but I wonder if there are as many parking spaces as there are seats?

Normally I catch a look out of the corner of my eye and I keep on moving.
Yesterday it was hard to move past the blatant stares.

Before I left I stopped to try on a pair of shoes.
Reaaallly cute shoes.

I like shoes.
I do occasionally go places where I could wear cute shoes.
So I asked the sales lady for my size in a pair of heels.

I have heels.
This isn't like Elly May Clampett moves to the big city.

So she brings me my shoes, and asks if I need help putting them on.
No, thanks though.

Then she hovers over me and asks what I do.
So I tell her...while trying to ignore the fact that she is staring straight at me.

She asks me if I like them.
Yes, very much!

"You know, shoes like that are hard to walk in.  They are expensive too.  You probably shouldn't get them unless you have something really special to wear them to.  I mean, since you wouldn't wear them often with your job and all..."

I smiled, took of the shoe, gave it a last look and put it in the box.

With a smile fixed on my face, I approached her, extended the shoe box and said...
"You're right.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Maybe if my job required me to dress nice, and do a tenth of the work I do now, I could justify buying these shoes.  But I don't want your job."
As soon as I saw her comprehend what I said, I let go of the box and, still smiling, left the store.

There's a thought.



  1. Way to go girl. People shouldn't judge a book by its cover.


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