Tuesday, February 28


That's me.
...According to Dr. Keirsey.


56% Introverted....duh.
12% Intuitive...shocker.
38% Thinking...I'll leave that alone.
78% Judging...what? Don't give me that look...do you even know my dad?

We did the personality test at our management meeting, and received the results yesterday.
Beenie got hers too and let's just say where my personality was said to be "dominant" hers was "steady"....
...as in people like her more.
...as in she is pleasant to be around.
...as in she isn't scary like some people...

Then we ate lasagna because I made it and brought it...and evidently my personality profile plainly states that I like to be in control.
So they ate what I told them to.
Take that.

Just kidding, but I really did bring lasagna and Beenie brought cookies.

Aren't personality tests neat-o?
Well, in that IDidn'tReallyWantToKnow kind of way...

Or in my case, I didn't necessarily need for it to be spelled out in front of the firing squad.

Throughout this Management Academy I have learned quite a bit about my own management style and how it is perceived.
I also learned that if you don't want to be labeled a "chicken lady" then bring lasagna.
Oh, and that I should feel sorry for Chuck.
Life lessons people.

After the meeting I came back to work and got aggressive and yelled at Teddie!
Not really, but that's what my profile said.
The best I could conjure up was a growl...but I had intense eyes.

After work I was feeling froggy and thought it would be the perfect day to attack the stairs for the first time this year!
I think sometimes "froggy" gets confused with "crazy".

AtAnyRate...Behold The Stairs...

 You can only see half of them, because they are that steep.
There's somewhere in the neighborhood of 128-136 steps.
I can't for the life of me count as I run.

The stairs are located behind the hospital here in Blount county, and are typically used as a place for hospital employees to sit and smoke...
Whaat?  It's true...you know it is...

I have seen others using them as for exercise and one of my friends runs them often as well.

Seriously intense.

Normally my routine is to run up them 10x and do 10 push-ups each time I come down.
Great workout.

Yesterday I ran up 10x...but only got 50 push-ups in.
Imma tellin' ya...I was spent.

I could run 5 miles, 3 times a week and it wouldn't touch how demanding these stairs are.
I usually have more gas left in the tank after I am finished, but yesterday all I had were fumes.
I now have a goal, something to clear work and wedding stuff out of my head.

It might take a couple of weeks but I'll get it back.
According to Dr. Keirsey I am "result-oriented" and "self-confident" so I got this.

...Then again Dr. Keirsey also says I  have the same personality profile as Hillary Clinton and Hannibal Lecter.




  1. Are you growing fava beans?....


  2. That is a ton of stairs. Wowww. What a good workout, though!


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