Tuesday, March 20

Gus-shakalaka and Wedding Sneak peek

We received a sneak peek of our wedding and day after photographs!!

Because you are you and I am me, I am going to link them up here for ya.

But first!
Chuck had his first lesson session with Gus-shakalaka yesterday and it went great:).
I think they are a great match...I done good.
...No full body cast yet.

I spent the majority of the day catching up and figuring out what exactly Teddie did while I was gone.
There are still some questions, however I think most of them are better left unanswered.

I did get back into the thick of things by having to climb up on top of the manure separator approximately37times because the paddles kept messing up.
I can't for the life of my figure out how they separated manure without me...
They need me.

And when did it get so warm out?!
Mooocho calorrrr...at least that's what my Hondurans tell me.
It either means it's hot or very colorful...process of elimination folks.
Edna digs it.

I'll tell you one thing though...there will be much wacky-wackying this week, because wherever the grass can grow...it is.

Chuck has his second session with Gus today and I am really excited for him..I will try to take some pictures!

Oh, and before you click on the link below I want to tell you that the song that is playing during the slide show was the same one played as we walked back down the aisle.
I didn't hear it until I looked at them this morning...and it made me cry cuz I'm a sap.

I hope you don't get tired of seeing the pictures, because as I receive them you know I will be sharing them:).


Here is our sneak peek!!!


P.s. A 'wacky-wacky' is a weed eater and I can't change that..I have tried.
P.p.s. Edna got a manicure and thinks she is high society...I can't change that either...


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, I can't wait to see more!!! Congratulations!

  2. Sooo tickled for you lady! Beautiful. And they lived happily ever after... :) Eeek!

    Jen S.


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