Saturday, March 24

Sick But Worm-Free!!

The good news is it's the weekend!
-The bad news is I'm sick...and weekends don't make much difference to me, other than the fact that the co-op is crowded.

The good news is I found a combination of medicines that seem to be helping!
-The bad news is I spent $50 before I figured it out...

The good news is the medicine unstops my nose!
-The bad news is I still sneeze with violence I have to hold onto something.

The good news is I wormed the high herd yesterday!
-The bad news is during one of my violent sneezing fits, I broke the gun used to distribute the de-wormer.

The good news is I'm free of worms!
-The bad news is I'm notsurewhatthatmeans....

The good news is I got to see my NorthCacalackyLivingCousinAmo Thursday night!
-The bad news is I got into a verbal in the parking's a long story my friends, but do me a favor?  If you pass-up the button you're supposed to push to get the parking ticket, don't expect the 7peoplebehindyou to back up.
Mmmmmk pumpkin?

The good news is I got my milk tested yesterday!
-The bad news is I forgot my tester is a bubble thief...I discovered that when he talks to me and gets inmyface, I tuck my chin and try not to breath while I'm talking.
In preparation to head-butt I'm sure.

The good news is the group of cows I am synchronizing seem to be cycling as planned!
-The bad news is I'm breeding 13 this morning...

The good news is our home loan should/maybe/might close next week!!
-The bad news is that Chuck has so much to start packing...

The good news is I'm going to stop this now!
-The bad news is I will probably be back tomorrow;).


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  1. Maybe you could have dewormed yourself BEFORE having dinner with your MostAwesomecousinAmo....

    Also, I totally had your back on the parking lot altercation. He woulda never known what hit him! #probablyaTahoe


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