Thursday, March 8

Tito Vogue

 Yesterday morning I walked into Tim's shop to realize that I was witness to an impromptu photo shoot starring Tito..

Having never been lucky enough to sit in on one of these, I quietly stepped aside and watched as the subject took direction...

 ...and balked at a request...
Cats can be so argumentative.

 Tito, the star, refused to do anything claiming "model block"..
However, when he was promised a cup of warm milk, he warmed up a little himself....

 You mean like zeeeessss??

 How about I dance like en da clubs....

 Oooopszees, I fall out ze wendo...

 Look at all ze pretty furs, I am so pretty..

Now, where's the milk?

Typical demanding model.


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  1. I never thought I would be the kind to look at cute cat pictures on the internets to procrastinate.

    Yet here we are....


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