Thursday, March 29

I Promise..

I promise to love you as much, if not more, after 20 years as I do after only 2 weeks.

I promise to never make you feel less than you are.

I promise to compromise.

I promise to be wrong and make mistakes, but learn each time.

I promise to give us all I have got.

I promise to fold the laundry when the pile is as tall as the washing machine.

I promise to nag you about eating breakfast.

I promise to try to anticipate what you need, and be there to help.

I promise to value your ideas as much as my own.

I promise to make you wake up for Church on Sunday...even if you only got a few hours of sleep.

I promise to laugh when you make up words to songs.

I promise to always be glad to see you.

I promise to always be proud of you.

I promise to freak you out with my sleeping habits.

I promise to treat your son like he has always been mine.

Though I am strong-willed I promise to let you help me.  I even promise to ask for help.  I can be impatient, and yes I am insecure at times,but I promise to remember you are not out to get me.  We are a team and our love will never stop growing.  I promise to take you with me when I leave in the mornings, and keep you close to my heart all day.  I promise to tell you "I love you" right after I already said it, because I don't ever want to forget to say it.  I promise you will always take my breath away.


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