Monday, March 5

Bruce Springsteen Jeans

Over the weekend I got a little crazytown about the upcoming events.
I couldn't help it, it just happened.

I called Chuck at 8:30 am on Saturday, knowing he would not be awake, and proceeded to berate him with questions about the suits his groomsmen will be wearing....BecauseWeAreDownToTheWIRE!!!!

He told me about what he had gotten when he went to get Caden sized, and did it in a very understanding "I understand my fiance is crazy and is scares me" sort of way.
Then he hung up and I felt bad.
So I walked out in the field and checked on my new baby....

She's a cutie, huh?

I am really not stressing about the wedding, at least not as much as people think.
I am, however, stressing about;
1. Leaving Teddie in charge for a week
2.  Buying a's not like a pack of gum, people.
3.  Leaving Teddie in charge, without BossMan and the Heat there
4.  Moving as soon as we get back
5.  And...leaving Teddie in charge

As far as the wedding goes, I just need to not forget to take the important things the way I forgot to wear makeup out to dinner the other night.

Honestly, my mind is in a thousand different places so doing anything not routine is a stretch.
That includes wearing makeup.

I don't wear it unless I am going out to eat or somewhere people would mind cow smell.
But every day?  Heck no.
"Makeup" for me is mascara, maybe some powder, maybe some blush, and maybe some eyeshadow.
Depends on how I feel.

Saturday night Chuck, Caden and I were headed to meet Saigon for dinner and I suddenly realized I didn't put on makeup.
No, I don't think I have to have it, I just think it helps make me look less tired.

When I don't have it on, people tend to give me the "oh, you look tired", "is everything OK?" all while giving me the "sad eyes".
So, I wear makeup.

Chuck responded with, "but you're wearing lip gloss"...
OK, Chapstick does NOT qualify as lip gloss, ThankYouVeryMuch.

Then I looked at what he was wearing and said, "Hey, I haven't seen those jeans before".
Chuck told me he didn't wear them because he doesn't like them and I fully understood.
This man has literally decades of clothing in his closet.

Going to a throwback party?  The man has got you covered.

We went to an "ugly Christmas sweater" party 2 years ago and he won, because he just happened to have a green turtleneck, you know the kind you fold down, and some GREEN pleated front pants...and a woven belt.

Sometimes I get a glimpse of "Slater" from Saved By The Bell when I look in his closet.
 ..he swears it will all "come back in style".

I so love this man.

So there we were at dinner.
Bruce Springsteen and his hard-livin' lady.

Then yesterday at Church I realized the importance of what happened Saturday night.

Our Pastor Brad was talking about marriage and how important it is to not put on heirs about yourself, especially in the beginning of the relationship.
I mean, let's face it, you aren't always going to be dressed to impress, and looks definitely change.

The first "outing" Chuck and I EVER went on happened after we had been talking for a few days.
I met him, after BREEDING 23 HEIFERS, at Dairy Queen for some much needed ice cream.

It was late, I smelled of bovine, and it didn't matter.

We stood outside around the flatbed and talked until after they closed.

The heart doesn't need eyes to love.
(Or a nose for that matter;).


P.s. I fully intend on taking some throwback pics while we pack.
P.p.s. He still has a tri-color Tommy Hilfiger sweater...NeedISayMore?


  1. Would it make you feel better if I told you I have two more closets to empty and about 20 pieces of furniture to clear off so they can move it all to put down the hardwood flooring next week? Oh, and they are delivering the wood TODAY.

    Don't even mention packing. Pffft....

    Oh, and CA has a decade on Chuck...

  2. Only if you were moving it to an ENTIRELY different house;).

  3. Would it make you feel better if I told you Mark & I are signing loan papers to start building this spring and I'm either 1) so excited I'm about to pee my pants or 2) about to throw up? Or both. Simultaneously. And that the ad I see on your blog today is for Cyndi Lauper looking rainbow zebra striped tights from They are so in style. You should wear them under your dress if it's chilly on the beach! That.Would.Be.So.Awesome!

  4. Kristy- Yes. Thank you:).
    Listen, I requested that ad justforyou.
    By the way, I am scaredtodeathFORyou. Does that help?
    Looking forward to lots of building pics!!

  5. I think you need to leave Teddie in charge.


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