Thursday, March 22


That's what I had engraved on the inside of Chucks wedding band.

I wanted to tell you before but couldn't because it was a surprise.

Would you like to hear a summary of what happened yesterday?
(It doesn't matter because in my head you do...)

-Gus came to me instead of Chuck in the field.
....I had a ball of grass in my hand and he thought it was a treat...I'm a trickster.
Then he gave me the aw crap, go ahead and put the halter on look.
He probably won't come to me again.
I like cows.

-Tim brought his dart gun over to the horse farm for them to borrow.
...I sat and listened as he gave precise instructions that only a Navy Seal could have followed.
They ended up not using it and Tim got a free goat out of the deal.

-I bedded two barns with straw.
....Which caused my throat to close up at 1:45 this morning.
I'm dumping Allegra for somethingthatworks.

-I ran the stairs for the second time this week.
...Which could have also attributed to the throat issue.

-I went home and made brisket, crab cakes, baked potatoes, Meyer lemon curd, vanilla cupcakes, mocha ice cream, guacamole, and marshmallow vanilla-bean buttercream icing.
...And ate them all together.
I kid.
But I did eat 2 crab cakes...

Chuck and Saigon ate dinner and said that it totally made up for the unfortunate roast incident a few weeks prior.
*Always buy a roast that is in clear packaging...

Let's discuss the food...cuz it was de-licious...

The brisket...
-Made it in the slow cooker for the first time.

-Seared it really well on both sides, dumped it-fat side up-in the slow cooker, deglazed the pan with a thick-sliced onion and mixture of; strong coffee, red wine, liquid smoke, lite soy sauce, sriracha, worcestershire, and a few spices.
-Low for 4 hours=perfect.

The potatoes...


-Really. YOU can bake a potato.

The crab cakes...
-Ever since Chuck tried the crab cakes at Bud and Alleys restaurant in Seaside, he has been talking about them.
They were that good.
Verrrrry little breading, and basically just crab on the inside, makes the perfect crab cake..inmyopinion.
-Here is the recipe I used, except I didn't measure anything and used Panko for my breadcrumbs.
If you like crab cakes you should give it a try because it's a very basic recipe..and it's really good!
-OH, and I drizzled them with lemon/honey butter when they were finished.

The guacamole...

-It was green...not yellow..that didn't translate well.
-5 avocados, 1 jalapeno, 1/2 red onion, 2 cloves garlic, 2 tbsp. fresh chopped cilantro, ground cumin, ground pepper, sea salt and lime juice to taste.
Money. Every. Time.

The cupcakes...
-I have been trying to find a vanilla cupcake recipe that I thought would be moist..because so many are dry.
Yesterday I found a great recipe here.
-Before we left for the beach, I happened to be at the grocery store on that super-secret day when they put the Meyer lemons out, so I bought some and forgot.
...That happens a lot.
I remembered I had them yesterday and they were still good!!!
Being that I have always wanted to make Meyer lemon curd, I looked up Martha's recipe here and made it.

-I then used it for the filling in the cooled cupcakes and made a marshmallow vanilla-bean buttercream to frost them with.

I think I hit a home run here folks.

The ice cream...
-King Arthur Flour has THE best Mocha Madness ice cream recipe EVER!
-You can find it here, and make it start to finish in 30 minutes since it's non-custard based.
You won't regret it.

Enough talk about food!
Get to work!



  1. I need to go run those stairs just reading all of that!

  2. Good grief, woman!

    Wait. Why did I get Mexican?!?!



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