Wednesday, March 7

What I'm Here For

Those of you who don't have children...(everyone else just nod..)..
Do you occasionally get a glimpse of what your future holds?
Maybe in grocery store when the double-wide shopping cart, being pushed by the angry-looking woman with a child strapped to her back, one in the basket, and two in the toy car below the cart, threatens to run you into the canned you inadvertent hold your breath as you go by, hoping to not catch the "pregnant" bug?
..Not that I do that...

I feel like I get glimpses like that at work, when things like this happen...


Yeah, that's her bucket holder around her neck.

To enrich the quality of the situation, I'll show you this one...

Not only is she sucking on the water's a perfect shot of her predicament.

I don't even ask anymore, I just hook my fingers in and pull.

I try not to over analyze but, really we all know what's going on here.
I'm being groomed.

While kids are hopefully in my future, I have a few years to go before I get there...

Which is good, because there are so many other places they could get their head stuck.

I should have been a fireman.


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  1. Eight and a half years of child rearing and I can say that no one has gotten their head stuck in their feed pail.

    Beach pails are a totally different thing...


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