Tuesday, May 1

May Employee of the Month!!

Whoa...can you believe it's already May?  That's crazy talk.
It seems like yesterday it was March...but it was Monday and I had chicken at a steakhouse.
(Chicken lady 4-eva).

So how has your spring been so far?  It's warm here allofthesudden.
I used my office heater last week and sweated my butt off yesterday...no wonder I can't keep track of the days.

Since it is the first day of the 5th month I am bringing you the Employee of the Month!

There were a lot of great contenders for this honor, but one in particular stood out.
I would like to introduce you to 5534..or Vivienne as I call her....

Vivienne is 7 years old and her birthday is March 13th....:).
Since entering the milking herd after her first calf in 2007, Vivienne has made over 110,000 pounds of milk!
...That's over 13,000 gallons!

I did not know Vivienne until I took over as head Honduran herdswoman, almost 4 years ago, but immediately she stood out.
She is a hard worker, as her stats indicate, as well as a great all-around cow.

Vivienne is a great role model for the younger cows in the herd, by always being the first to the milking parlor and feed alley.
She is also very much a "boss cow", having created her own super-delux freestall by bending some loops and giving herself more room...none of the others dare take her spot!
She leads by example and it is my hope that she will still be going strong many years down the road!

Thank you Vivienne, I couldn't do it without you:).


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