Monday, May 28

Hot and Foamy


When I woke up this morning it was 81 degrees...inmyhouse.
Yesterday it was 86.

Do we have AC in the house?  Yes.
Do we turn it on? "We" don't do anything. My husband is the AC master.

Generally I leave the internal temperature of our house up to him.
I mean, I'm gone all day out IN the heat, so what do I care if the house is a bit warm?
Plus, I'm not a whiner and I'm sure not going to turn into one just because I'm standing in the kitchen sweating while trying to make chicken salad.
Won't hear a peep.

It was hot out yesterday.
Like in the 90's hot.

I was out in it working, so it really didn't bother me.
My only relief were the two times I had to go somewhere in my truck, during which time I cranked the AC with reckless abandon!
HA!  That's right, I control the temperature in my truck!
Take that!

After work I had to go to the grocery store, because they love it when I come in all stinky like that and take care of their remaining customers.

Honestly, I would have rather sat down and cried, than have had to spend another minute in my sweaty clothes.
But we do what we gotta do when we gotta do it.

On my way home from the store Chuck textededed me and said, "I finally broke down ad turned on the AC".
He must have gotten hot inside the house.

I won't lie, in my mind I was relieved to know that I could sleep in a cool house and not wake up feeling like I was being smothered.

It was cool, and nice.
The best part was not sweating after I got out of the shower...ahhhhh.

Then I woke up this morning and discovered that, at some point last night, my husband decided to not adjust the temperature on the AC, but turn it off completely.

If you need my after 8 pm I'll be in my truck.

Oh, I almost forgot.
Have you ever heard of a tree burl?
Well, it's a disease on a tree that bubbles the bark up.
Some people cut them off, hollow them out and stain them, making pretty bowls for decoration.
I think they are nice.

Anyway, my new invention other than "glow hole" which I'll tell you about another time, is a foam burl.
Why wait for a tree to grow one of those things when all you need is a hole around the foundation of your house and a husband with a can of foam??

Listen, this is what happens when you use an entire can of one hole and then you turn off the AC inthemiddleofthenight.

We're almost even.

Happy Memorial Day!!!
God bless the past, present and future troops, because of you we sleep well (with the AC on) at night.


P.s. "Glowhole" is my concept, so don't be thievin'.
P.p.s. ^ it has to do with cornhole.

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