Sunday, May 20

Unexpected Hope

I cannot take enough pictures of this's so lovely!

OK, maybe I can.

This time next week it will be in the grain bin, ready to be ground and fed!

We (being the mouse in my pocket and I) are estimating 6,000 bushels...which should last (at a feed rate of 20%) 452 days.
That's just a rough estimate...
Nothing set in stone...

As we kick off the start of the new week, I have decided to take off early today and spend time with my honey.
This past week has been loooong and physically as well as emotionally draining for me.
Such is life, right?

Things I have learned this week;
- It's much easier to put 70 lbs of air into a truck tire than it is to remove it....
-You're only supposed to put 35 lbs of air in a Tacoma tire.
-People the my subdivision.
-Cats will hide for 3 days (going on 4..) in  my parent's basement, after getting caught-by the dog-eating the dogs' food.
-Gus has taken to being the guardian of the baby calves.
-The raccoon population has moved half a mile down the'rewelcome.

The biggest thing I have learned is that, there's this small percentage of people who won't let you down.
That group of people is comprised of the unexpected..not just family.
They listen, most of the time saying nothing, but when they choose to speak it's worth remembering.
That's where hope lives.



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