Sunday, May 13

The Mommas

To all of the mothers, stepmothers, Godmothers, grandmothers, expectant mothers, this is your day.
One day does not even begin to give you the recognition you deserve.
We owe it all to you.

You're the fish flushers, keeper of Kleenex, dishwasher damsels and the only ones who know how to fill up an empty ice tray.
Where would we be without you?
It would be a world of wiping noses on sleeves, eating off of paper plates, drinking tepid water and don't get me started on the pet cemetery our backyards would be!
Chaos.  Complete chaos.
We need you.

Obviously we wouldn't even be here without you, but no one said you have to be as amazing as you are.
I mean really, every year I have to one-up the card from the year before.  How many ways can I say you are the best mom ever?!  Monetary gifts are probably the answer.  Ben Franklin gets the point across pretty well...or in my case George Warshington.
I should probably stick to baked goods.

Everyone says they have the "best mom eva!", and I believe you! 
Not to rain on your parade, but I think my mom is the cat's meow.

The Heat is my center.  If I can find her, I can find myself.
She keeps me true and on track.
She has this relationship with God that is impenetrable.  It takes years of love and prayer to achieve something like that, and I only hope I will get there one day.

My mom has raised 5 children and still thinks she has more to give...but not in the form of a child.
She is really looking forward to me having a kid so she can take care of him/her during the day!  Wait...what?
OK, maybe she didn't actually say that but I know she thinks it allll the time.

My mother taught me how to bake, but more importantly she taught me that I can do anything if I try.
I owe my persistence to well as my defensive driving skills.

She has been there at the very worst, head held high, and she has been there at the greatest moments.
I only hope I can be half the woman she is, when it's all said and done.

Here's to the mommas!
The ones who know what it's like to carry groceries and babies, the towel-folding fairies, the grill masters of the grilled cheese, and the original prayer warriors.

May you find calm in the storm today.


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