Tuesday, May 8

Tough Farm Kids

Farm kids are tough.
Farm kids get dirty.
Farm kids ain't scared of nothin'...

'cept maybe snakes...

And personally I'm not fond of bugs.
But that's a different story for a different time.

This is about long, slithering, hissing, slimy, icky snakes.
No offense snakes.

But really, I'll take a kitten.

I went to feed calves yesterday afternoon, and when I got to the barn I saw thisssss.....


Yeah. Black snake. Big whoop.


Keeping that last thought in mind I quickly took a picture in case it decided it needed a snack for the trip, at least CSI would have enough sense to look through my phone and put the clues together.
Unless they just think I like snakes.
I have cow pictures too.

Atanyrate, I decided to ignore it until Mercy came down because obviously he would know what to do.
And he did.

He did what any other raised-on-a-farm boy would do, he grabbed a pitch fork.

Like a real one, not like the Halloween kind.

I think it was more of a comfort thing.
I had a blankey...he has a huge fork with a wooden handle.
Therein lies the difference between boys and girls.
There's other stuff too I'm sure.

While we were out watching the snake do snake things, the cats followed...ofcoursetheydid.
I often drive home fearing a cat army following me.

They would have little cat berets and wear cat armor made from bottle caps and such.

Anyway, Mercy being the all-around good guy he is, completely FREAKED out when Jasper(his favorite feline) walked around the snake...


(I don't know what happened there...)
Jasper had no clue..until suddenly he did and I laughed so hard my teeth hurt as the snake coiled up and Mercy yelled, "Noooooooo Jathsper!!!".

It was a moment.

One I will be sure and bring up at every family gathering for therestofourlives.
You're welcome.

In a effort to save the cats, Mercy used the pitch fork to scoop(not injure) the snake up and toss(rather gently considering the situation) sir snake to the other side of the log.....because we all know snakes can't get around logs.
Snakes 101.

After much debate we decided that the snake would muuuuuch rather be in the barley field than around, oh, baby peacocks and eggs....

The highlight of the snake session was when Mercy, pitch fork never far, scooped the reptile up again and ran him to the field.
He only dropped him once..I think.

Then again The Heat and I were laughing so hard we did the mouth-wide-open-making-no-sound thing, and didn't notice.
Like a wheezy 94 year old smoker.

It was an educational experience and totally made up for the fact that someone drove through a puddle as.I.was.walking.by.
I was all like, pfffft! Like I care. We just schooled a boa constrictor.

Well, Marcy did.  I just documented the occasion.



  1. Sorry, still stuck on bottle cap berets....

    I love you.

  2. I can clearly see this in my mind, and you just hafta hug that Mercy.


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