Saturday, May 12

Ann Taylor

Twenty years ago(that just hit bottom...I'm getting old), a miracle happened.  My little sister was born 3 months premature. 
At the time I really had no idea what was going on.  I don't even remember The Heat going to the hospital, having the cesarean, or the events that lead to it.  All I remember, at the ripe old age of 9, is looking at my mom and dad through the thick window of the Children's Hospital nursery, as they stood over a tiny baby in an incubator.

That was my sister.
That impossibly small life, fighting all the odds was Ann Taylor.

The monitors and tubes were innumerable as she lay very silent and very still, and I watched my mother quietly worry and pray.
The Heat was there all the time, she had to spend some time in the hospital as well before and after the surgery.
BossMan was there.  He was present in the operating room, during every single procedure, surgery or not, that was performed on this tiny life. 

There was a lot of silence, Malinda and I really didn't know what to make of the situation.  I was scared for mom and our sister, and Malinda would let me sleep with her at night because I needed someone.
I would ask her countless questions about what was going on and, like she always does, she would answer me in the most reassuring way possible.

Three months went by, very slowly, and finally Ann Taylor was ready to come home....or at least dad was ready for her to.

She wore a heart monitor around her chest and it was equipped with a, really loud, alarm that would sound when her heart slowed or beat irregularly.
You talk about scaring some people on an airplane!  That sucker would clear a room fast.
Taylors little body got stronger every day, and soon she was able to ditch the heart monitor for good.

I cannot believe that was twenty years ago.  Amazing.
Now she's a young lady, so grown up!

Ann Taylor is living proof of Gods hard work. 
Don't ever doubt.

Today I am wishing my little sister Taylor a happy birthday, and thanking Him for His constant blessings.
Sometimes it's easy to forget.
I love you Taylor!


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