Wednesday, May 16

4 Years

I wrote a post that I was going to put up today in honor of my 4th year running the dairy, as well as my first year blogging.
I still have it saved in the draft form.
It's cute, it talks about things I have learned and sights I have seen.
You were there through them all and I thank you.

Four years ago yesterday I turned onto the road less taken, and it has made all of the difference.
I can honestly say that these cows, this place, saved me.
I was as low as I could get and didn't feel like I had a reason to get up in the morning.

I was told I would be taking over the dairy while Tim was on vacation, for three months, then he would resume his position when he returned.
Tim returned, but his position had been filled...permanently.

I found my reason to wake up.
I found the place my heart belonged.

Every single day for the last 4 years, I have worked for these cows.
I have been determined to do right by them, because I owe them.

Keeping this mindset has allowed me to shape my herd of cattle into a healthy, sound group.
A group that I am proud of.

I suppose I need to mention that at the time I was breaking into the business, most farmers were getting out.
The bottom literally fell out of the milk market and farmers couldn't afford to do it anymore.
Some were just too tired to try.
I don't blame them.

We didn't find it any easier than anyone else, we just had a few more things going for us.

Currently, the milk futures aren't looking good.
We have a projected milk price that is frightening, you won't see it in the me.

Couple what we are expected to be paid, with a couple of years of bad crops and you have a recipe for trouble.
Feed prices are astronomical which is bad news when you have a crop situation like we have had.

Money is always the bottom line.

Four years ago yesterday my life changed for the better.
Yesterday decisions were made that will change my life.

BossMan has a plan and I believe God is in my corner so, with the request of your support, I am moving forward.

I know this is what I am meant to do forever, I just pray I can and that I will have what it takes.



  1. Do what you love and you"ll never work a day in your life...Love Love Love your blog!!!!

  2. Can't wait to see the next phase!

  3. You are so awesome lady! An inspiration to farmers, women, and those who want to love life! So stink'n proud of you.


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