Wednesday, May 9

The Note.....Board

You all already know, because I have told you, that I am much more of a writer than speaker.
...or dancer forthatmatter.

I can get my point across in a better, more understandable way if I simply write it.
When I start trying to explain things verbally, I get confused and wind up getting sleepy.
That's how it goes.

When Chuck and I started dating I would leave him silly ones, ya know?
Like "roses are red, violets are blue, I really like about you?"...nothing very deep.
Just my inner carb-hoarder coming out.

These notes were most often written on a Post-its and stuck all over the place.
The bathroom mirror held hundreds, the microwave had a few...pretty much every solid surface was home to at least one yellow sticky piece of paper.

After we had been dating for a while...or a month...things got more serious, and so did the stickies.
"I love you" was used numerous times, "I" was often seen, as well as many other variations.

Then the day came when I read the apartment flyers realized  that occasionally apartment maintenance comes in to change filters relatively unannounced, this was oddly enough the same day the stickies stopped.
Good gosh they must think he has a stalker!

I replaced them with a dry erase board.
'Cuz Imma genius.

Saving one tree at a time here people.
Environmental conservationist will be added to my resume.

We both started using the dry erase board which hung on the cabinet, unless company was coming over...then we hid it because no one wants to see that kind of crazy.

I have done some of my best drawing on that little board.
Once, after trying to explain this to Chuck, I drew a picture of the radar I have him on.
It was a beautiful picture of him(the blue dot) and any "bogey"(female predator) around him was red.
I allowed that it makes that constant "bloop" sound in my head unless a bogey gets too close then it "bloopbloopbloop"'s much faster.

He got my point.
Or maybe he just acted like he did, since the picture was so convincing.
Or maybe he was just scared.

This past Monday morning I woke up to find that he had written that he "loves me" and since he had a dream where I left him while he was in flight school, he had also written "I hope you don't leave me" followed by "I'm sorry I almost hit you"...that last one is for.real.real.

Every morning I kiss him and tell him bye and that I love him.
No biggie, right?
Not unless you are trying to wake a grizzly bear who happens to have a gun two feet from the bed.
...bears probably don't need guns though.

I have taken to leaning back and extending my arm as far as it will reach, touching him with the tips of my fingers to "test the waters", because if I go all-in then occasionally I scare the bear and he comes up swinging.

It's always nice to smile first thing at a handwritten note from my honey, and I could not resist but write back.
I wanted him to feel as special as I do.
This was my response....

The beauty of the dry erase board is in the "erase".


P.s. Iloveyouhoney.

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