Friday, May 4

Something for Everyone!

OK, let's talk shop.
I am not in the habit of venting twice in one week here, but sometimes things happen and they have to be addressed.

Have you been to the local co-op?
You know the 'farm store' that sells feed and seed and...dishwashing detergent, indoor latex paint, "Scrubbing Bubbles"....?
Um yeah.  That's where this is going.

I was at the Foothills Farmers Co-op in Maryville earlier this week, and left shaking my head.

I went in for electrolytes and found myself browsing the kitty litter which had taken over half of the "livestock" aisle. cats don't use litter....the world is their restroom. it is for most barn cats...ahem.

Found what I needed, then headed to the medicine cabinet to get a few syringes and some penicillin.
Found the medicine, now where are the syringes that hold more than 12cc's.....??
That's right, they no longer carry them.

BUT!  They do have quite the variety of indoor pet food as well as a large selection of wiper blades, which is perfect because the skidsteer wipers are making that blllllllppp! sound...
Never mind that the skidsteer has no windshield, maybe I can use a garden hose to IV my cows seeing as they no longer carry those sets as well.

Let's get creative!
The next time I am in need of a float for my water trough, instead of grabbing the SINGLE already-opened box containing HALF of the parts for a new one, why don't we just put some Moen faucets on?
You know, the faucets that have a touch-sensor or perhaps motions sensor?
That shouldn't take too long for my cows to get used to.

While we're at it we can get some decorative pieces to hang on the...wood the dairy barn.
Maybe a Topsy-Turvy tomato bag?
How about a "lawn tractor" to use to plant corn?

Do you think if we lined up enough air filters around the barn, we could take care of the smell and the dust?
Then we could be a non-smelly, dust-free operation and everyone will be happy!

Hold the phone, do you think I could get the cows on board with the "litter box" idea?

We're a minority.

When I got to the counter to pay for 1/3 of the things I needed, I looked at the guy working there and did the squinty-eyed-pointing-finger thing while head-shaking I proclaimed, "IT is a sad, sad day when the cat litter takes over the livestock aisle", then turned on my heel and left.
That'll show 'em.

"Co-op offers quality products for everyone!" It says so HERE.



  1. He probably thought you were going to ask him out until you started finger pointing.... Poor guy. ;)

  2. Oh Rachael. You should come to the Knox Co stores. We made the change about 8 years ago. Blount Co has just been behind the times. It's all about Progress. Which is why most things that can be ordered and delivered to our door are.


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