Sunday, April 29


When my tired body finds rest and I'm counting my blessings,
my heart is at peace,
my mind decompressing.

I pray for the creatures, so great and small,
the ones who depend on me,
to care for them all.

These animals, every one, have touched me in some way,
they probably have no clue,
how much I depend on them each day.

Their eyes hold secrets, no one can make them tell,
you have to look deeply,
look with your soul as well.

If they could talk, I wonder what they would say?
Would they tell of their trials,
their tribulations that day?

Do they remember the time I felt lost and a wreck?
I went to them,
to rest my head on their neck.

They stood, as I poured my heart out to them never saying a word,
silently they listened,
never once having stirred.

I wish they could know how it feels to be me.
To realize that they,
are a part of my family.

Love and Blessings,

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