Wednesday, May 30

Here and There

Hey!  How are ya?
Peachy, I hope.

I'm good, I would just like to put it on record that mt love muffin turned the AC on Monday night and I slept like a baby.
A twitching, hand-smacking-forehead, tent-making, baby.

It was glorious, and more than likely had absolutely nothing to do with me calling him out publicly.
Absolutely nothing.

He also whittled the foam filler down and made me a wine bottle holder out of it.

I was going to take a picture...but then I didn't.
Partly because I still don't know what to think about it, and partly because it reminds me of a 3-year olds finger painting that looks nothing like a giraffe...but it's supposed to be a giraffe and they are so proud of it that you must display it for everyone to see.
It's totally not a giraffe.

It's on the kitchen counter, not being a giraffe, if you would like to come see it.

The past few days have been pretty warm out, by "pretty warm" I mean sweating-in-my-jeans hot.

So warm that I can't even remember when it was cold...if it was ever cold.
People keep saying, "it's not even summer yet!"...I thought it was.
I don't remember driving to work this morning, much less last month or what today is.

Is it bad that I don't remember driving to ever?
Maybe I'm still asleep.
Do you remember driving to work?

I remember getting to work and finding that a new baby calf crawled under the fence and was laying by the road.
Think you could stay with your mother..please?

Yesterday was officially the end of the barley season.
Tim completed the task of combining and putting the seed into the grain bin.


I don't have the vocabulary to properly describe how hot it is in that combine.

A BIG HUGE thing that happened yesterday is that my sister Malinda completed her residency and graduated from the program at Mayo Clinic!!!

She is one amazing lady.

She will stay at Mayo to do her fellowship, then move home to keep me company.
You can quote me on that.

I do miss her though, every day.
She will be home one day:).

It is time for me to skeedaddle, but I truly hope you have a lovely day!


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