Friday, June 1

June Employee of the Month!!

Hey it's June 1st...can you believe it?!
Gosh, this year is halfway has gone by so fast.

Looking forward to Father's Day and the 4th of July, right around the corner!
Isn't that somethin'?

Since it is the first day of the 6th month, we are giving top honors to a certain employee.
This little lady is always there for me, even when I don't realize it.

She greets me each day with a smile, and misses me when I am gone.

Our special June EOM accompanies me on all of my walks, and is right by my side when I am pulling a calf.
She is special, one of a kind, she is.....


Please give Kirra a round of applause for being the June Employee of the Month!!

About Kirra:
Breed:  Border Collie
Weight: 37 pounds
Age: 6 years
Nickname(s): Peepers, Curry(thanks to BossMan), Peewee(Beenie's fav) and Kirra-My-Deara.
Likes:  Going everywhere with me, eating things (like grains) she isn't supposed to, and herding other dogs while they are playing fetch.
Dislikes:  Her big sister Rowdy.

From the time I first met her, to the time I brought her home and she threw up corn, I knew she was my girl.

It has taken a long time, and a lot of different medications, but we have finally figured out that my buddy has a grain allergy.
Thanks to the new food she is on, she finally has hair and a constant smile!!!

Kirra is scary smart, and loves herding anything that will move.

People say dogs personalities mimic their owners, and I believe that to be true.
Rowdy has my fire and impatience, whereas Kirra is all heart...and appetite.

I love my girl.
Congratulations Peepers!!


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