Thursday, April 12

Old Man Saggy Tractor Bottom

So...word around the campfire is that someone whose name rhymes with bygone is coming to pack silage today....
My prayers have been answered!!

OK, so packing isn't really that bad..except for the fact that you cannot actually "push" haylage like you can corn silage.
Imagine waiting until your lawn is waist-high, then mowing it, then chopping those clipping up, loading them into a truck and dumping them in a pile.
Got that?
Just pretend...

After you dump the chopped clippings, you take a shovel with a flat end (like zeeeessss 'I____________I') and you try to push that pile across the yard.

What it does do, is wad up and roll under the bucket, then under you and suddenly your cheeks are clenched because not only are you climbing Mount Everest on a tractor withoutaseatbelt, you have to come back down...backwards.
I shouldn't have to do dead-lifts for a while. and dumping, then packing is muy importante because it gets all of the air out of the forage, so when you cover the pit the haylage is able to uniformly go through a 'heat' and no bad toxins/bacteria will grow.
Cows don't like toxins.
I don't either.

If I get a chance I will take pictures today...on the edge of your seat, I know.

Yesterday I put in 14 hours, then stopped by Hobby Lobby to drop a print off to be framed, then on to the grocery store to buy oneofeverything.
True dat.

I couldn't help but notice..the way one notices blatant staring...that out of the 100 people in the store, I was getting a lot of attention.
I don't like attention, especially when I have been on the tractor all day and I'm rockin' the old-man-saggy-tractor-bottom jeans.

I would just like to buy my coffee filters in PEACE!

But not yesterday...I got more looks than a hound dog in a cat parade.
Just nod.

I won't deny that every time I stopped I could
I think it was my boots.
Leather captures smells, ya know.

I tried to keep moving and not stop and definitely not look back.

My ears burned.

Stupid cat parade.
Fun Fact: The Heat has a "cats on parade" sweatshirt that she wore when I was in elementary school.
She still wears it.

After finally making it home, an hour before my bedtime, I made chicken salad and opened up the package containing the canvas I ordered....

Isn't it lovely?

I plan on getting more done...maybe bigger...but for now this one will adorn the mantle.
I love it.

My bouquet is on the left, and on the right are milk bottles with one of my bridesmaids bouquets..the others are at The Heats.
I better go get them before she reads this...


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  1. They stare because it is rare that they see a beautiful girl that actually works for a living.


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