Monday, April 23

Better Than Dolittle...

(I couldn't hold it in.)
Did I say something about not chopping last week?
I can't recall.

Actually, I cannot recall ever NOT chopping.

I won't mention how worn out I am.
I mean, after rightnow.

I keep yawning and digging eye-crispies out.
OK, after rightnow.

Heeyyyyy!  Wanna meet some new gals?
Here are my 3 little girls I had last week...

This is Violet.
Her mother tried to kill Gus.
True story.

He walked up to Violet all like, awww hello little Jersey...and mama stopped him short.
Poor Gus.

This is Gertrude.
I carried her forever.
No thanks to her mother, who was eating.

My big Holstein gal is Persephone.
Except I just Googled that and found out that Persephone, in Greek mythology, is goddess of the underworld....and spring growth...
I don't know how I feel about that.

Wanna know a secret?
Good.  I thought you might say "no".

Until Saturday, I had lived my entire life never having given a horse a shot.
Neva. Eva.

Of course then Saturday rolled in and BAM! shook my world.

Beenie ventured out to bring Gus in to ride.
Gus didn't come to her, which is odd because normally if you have treat, Gus will travel.
This time he just stood there...with foot lifted in the "owie" position.

The "owie" position always conjures an exasperated sigh out of me.
More often than not, it means I have to make the "owie" a "yeeeeowie", in order to make it OK.

Beenie limped Gustav in and discovered that he had a bad cut above the back of his front hoof.
Not to be confused with the front of his back hoof...or the back of his back hoof...or the left side of his right back hoof...
Then she called me and I sighed.

It was a really deep cut, that we discovered must have been caused from him pawing the bottom strand of the barbed wire.
OKholdit...I know barbed wire isn't optimal for horses, but if my cows didn't outnumber the horse 200 to 1, then I might change that.
Until then, heshouldstoppawing.

We took him down to the barn and rinsed his foot off, and he just stood there like a good boy.
Then.....THEN!  I called Dr. Kirksy...and life as I knew it, changed.

I explained the wound and told him what I had for breakfast, for some darn reason.
Then he told me that Gus needed 20cc of Penicillin in the muscle and 10cc of Banamine in the vein.
That's when I lost a few years of my life.

You see, Gustopher does NOT like certain things going into his mouth or around his head.
This is something we are working with, and he is getting better.
BUT!  He is rather large, and so unlike my Bovine.

I, in kind of a breathless, panicked way, told Dr, Kirsky of my reservations regarding the administration.
He listened, and when I paused for his thoughts, he simply said, "that's why I stopped working on horses."
Heh.  You don't say.

We got off the phone and I retrieved the medicine, wrapped Gustavson's foot, then stood there and worried with Beenie for a solid 15 minutes.
She was nervous too.

I worried to the point that I was shaking...trembling even!
Give cows shots?  Shoooooottttt! Any.Day.
Give a dog a shot?  Psssshyeah. No. Prob.
Give a quirky horse a shot?  .....heh......

We finally, and I mean after I worried years off my life, decided to take him to the field so that if he got loose he would not run to Argentina. can't run to Argentina! to Atlanta.

I eased up beside the big guy, big Penicillin shot in hand, and held my breath as he...didn't.move.a.muscle.
I then found his vein, held my breath again when he...stood.perfectly.still.

What a guy!!!
What a trooper!!!
Treats all around!!!

I told you there was nothing to worry about.

Stick with me and you'll go places.


P.s. I totally knew you can't run to Argentina...I was just testing you.

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