Sunday, April 15

Living Without Blinders

I was thinking this morning, on my drive to work, that it would be so easy to put my blinders on as jump from one task to another.
Spring time means warmer weather, pollen, allergies, flowers blooming, bugs, bees, and a whole heap of work that needs to be done here.

Outside of my cow work, the crops either need to be sprayed, cut or planted and the equipment greased up.
Once you are finished with one task, there is another one that you should have started 5 minutes ago.
That's just how it is.

The relationships between coworkers and the boss become strained to the point that you tend to not make eye contact for far fear of being given another "you need to..." on your endless list of things to do.
That's spring for ya.

If you aren't mindful, you could get lost in the trees and never see the whole forest.
It's so easy to do.

Yesterday, I was in the pit, pushing and packing while trying to keep track of the time so that I could leap off of the tractor and run to get something else done without getting too far behind.
That was a run-on sentence, because it's fitting.
Thank you, grammar nazi.

During the "leap" when I was trying to fix the float on the water trough, that my cows think is a toy, I noticed a heifer doing the "Immabout to do sooommmeeethiiiinnng painful"  out in my dry cow lot.
That something already had one foot out, ready to see the world!

Since this isn't my first rodeo, I let her try while I fed my low group of cows, and caught my pushing and packing back up.
When she got up, and had nothing to show from her labor, I ran her into the barn and pulled her calf.
He was a big boy!

I left the two alone, and resumed pushing/packing then fed my high group.

In the meantime, Saigon and Caden came by after Caden's ball game and I shut the tractor off so that Caden could tell me all about how it went.
He got to play catcher and they only lost by 3:).
He's so sweet.

I finished my work, went and checked on the baby I pulled(who got out of the barn)and Saigon relieved me of my duties so that I could take Caden home.

I'm grateful.

The whole way home Caden told me all kinds of things, like how "in twelve thousand years we will have a new north star"...and how if he gets a Lamborghini when he is able to drive, that he will "drive to California in 2 days"...Smart Car it is!

When I was saying my prayers last night, I couldn't help but think of how blessed I truly blessed.
I am overwhelmed with a sense of unworthiness, and it gets me every time.

He was there all day!
He was there when I drove to work and when I fixed the trough the first time.
He was there as I pushed and packed, fed and pulled...God was there.
He gave me those gifts to be able to do that work.
He blessed me with a step son who loves me...and I don't even know why.
He brought Chuck home safe and sound..and for that I am grateful.

I am a flawed person, there's no doubt about that...but He doesn't think any less of me.
He knows what's in my heart and he understands.

If I live every day until I pass, remembering those things, I will still not deserve all that I have been given.

Have a Blessed day:).

P.s. I have to fix that trough again today...

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